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July 09, 2013

VIVOTEK Rolls-Out New Panoramic PTZ 360 Degrees Surveillance Solution

Necessity is the mother of invention. This proverb holds true for the surveillance industry too, because it has undergone a lot of evolution recently, and the necessity for a 360 degrees seamless surveillance solution is quiet evident in today’s world.

Catering to the need for a seamless 360 degrees surveillance solution, VIVOTEK, a Taiwan-based provider of network video surveillance, has launched a new 360 degrees surveillance solution called as Panoramic PTZ.

Developed by VIVOTEK’s research and development team, the new Panoramic PTZ has the capability to provide a 180 degrees panoramic view or 360 degrees surround view without blind spots, with the help of the company’s 5-Megapixel fisheye fixed dome network cameras SF8172/72V and a 2-Megapixel full HD speed dome network camera SD8362E.

With the help of the new Panoramic PTZ surveillance solution, users can simultaneously monitor an overview from a fisheye model and a detailed regional view from a speed dome.

Steve Ma, executive vice president, VIVOTEK, said in a statement, “Panoramic PTZ is a revolutionary design based on VIVOTEK's profound R&D base and expands our existing technologies to the next level. The innovation and originality of Panoramic PTZ have been well recognized by international awards, such as the German-based GIT 2013 Security Award and ‘The Best Innovation Product Award’ from the MIPS show in Russia respectively. Today, with great pleasure and honor, we are presenting this remarkable solution to our valued customers."

According to VIVOTEK, the combination of fisheye global view and speed dome helps in obtaining seamless surveillance solution, because the fisheye camera's global view is used as the "command" unit to detect events over an entire area, and the speed dome acts as the "slave" to track and optically zoom in on suspicious objects for increased detail.

The new Panoramic PTZ surveillance solution also has auto-tracking feature. When this feature is activated, the fisheye can be used to trigger the speed dome to track moving objects automatically before an operator may be aware of the occurrence of an event.

Consequently, the combination of fisheye global view and speed dome makes Panoramic PTZ an ideal solution for department stores, station lobbies, airports, casino, parking lots, and any wide-open area, where detailed monitoring and extreme video details are required.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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