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May 29, 2013

Addonics Technologies Adds AES 256-bit Hardware to Products

Addonics Technologies is introducing a new set of USB hardware encryption solutions that are designed to protect sensitive data on a variety of storage locations. The new products will also use AES 256-bit hardware that cannot be decrypted or hacked by any known algorithm or existing supercomputer.

The California-based company has been providing professionals and business users a set of innovative storage solutions since 1998. The company uses a variety of components such as sub systems, IO converters, storage enclosures and more. In addition, it uses the AES hardware encryption, which is considered the most advanced solution with the fastest performance on the market.

The company will use the Ultralock Titanium 16GB AES 256 USB 2.9 Pendrive Hardware Encryption with keypad lock. It has a 10-year battery life, safety certification from The State of Cryptography Administration, 10-year flash erase time and a loss of password feature will reset the blank data state.

The latest product line will combine Addonics products with AES under a new product line called CipherUSB. All of the products will allow users to keep data secure on everything from hard drives, removable drives, flash media, optical media or even in the cloud.

“The CipherUSB family consists of FLE (file level encryption) and FDE (full disk encryption) versions. Both offer a choice of ECB or CBC mode encryption, or a choice of standard authentication with no password entry or two-factor authentication, which requires a combination of password and the CipherUSB dongle,” said Addonics. “The CipherUSB FDE is a small USB pass through dongle that encrypts data stored inside any USB drive (Thumb drive, USB hard drive or any Flash card inserted into a USB reader). Operation is simple. There is no software or driver to install. There is no measurable performance difference on your USB drive and all software works the same as before. CipherUSB FDE is also OS independent.”

The new product line will range in cost from $29.95 to as high as $89.95 depending on the encryption. 

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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