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May 22, 2013

Cloudmark Intros Security Platform for Broadband

According to experts, up to 90 percent of today’s e-mail traffic includes either spam, malware or phishing attacks. Outbound spam and malware put additional pressure on broadband mobile operator and ISP networks. They may cause increased customer churn, IP address blacklisting, and damaged brand reputations.

As messaging related threats increase on a broadband network, protections too are becoming available at a rapid pace. Recently, Cloudmark (News - Alert) introduced Cloudmark Security Platform for Broadband, which offers messaging safety for fixed-line, mobile carriers and Web hosting providers.

Cloudmark Security Platform allows the providers to block spam and malware from local broadband networks to the Internet. It also blocks inbound spam and other kind of threats from remote Internet sources. According to the company, its solution blocks 99 percent of messaging attacks in real time.

Cloudmark helps providers tackle various types of messaging threats. These threats include spam, malware-infected systems as well as malicious network uses. These threats not only bring reduced network efficiency; they also make a dent in the reputation of the company and will cause a possible loss of customers.

Cloudmark Security Platform offers very powerful messaging security and works with messaging services, including SMS, MMS, e-mail and social media. The company has developed efficient message processing and filtering protocols for this purpose.

“The increased popularity of mobile devices has provided spammers with additional avenues to distribute spam and malicious messages. Not only do these attacks pose a threat to consumers, they are harmful to providers,” said Neil Cook, CTO of Cloudmark. “In today’s competitive landscape, providers must be able to ensure their customers can send and receive messages without issue. With Cloudmark’s new Security Platform for Broadband, we are enabling providers to detect and prevent spam before it becomes a costly support and brand-impacting issue.”

In 2010, Hostopia (News - Alert) picked up Cloudmark to protect its users against messaging abuse.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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