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January 30, 2013

SpiderOak Pushes for Web Privacy with the Release of the ZKAF Source Code

As the cloud goes mainstream, security continues to be a concern throughout the world. 2013 has been dubbed as the year of privacy when it comes to cloud services. One of the companies playing its part in ensuring cloud privacy is SpiderOak, a provider of cloud backup, sync and sharing that is 100 percent private. The company has revealed that it will release the open source “Zero Knowledge” application framework (ZKAF) for the cloud in the hope of pushing for privacy on the Web.

This move will signify the evolution from just Internet security to cloud privacy and the open source code will be made available on February 25, 2013. This step will make it possible for companies and developers to apply the framework on top of their applications and enjoy the ‘zero-knowledge’ privacy benefits without having to learn and understand cryptography and encryption specifics. Any application that employs ZKAF will have data security by ensuring that application data on the residing server is never readable, thus offering private and total data control to the end user.

Zero-knowledge was built from the ground up with privacy at the core. Its privacy standards ensure that file backups are encrypted and that every stage in the data synchronization and storage process is secure. SpiderOak servers do not store plaintext password or encryption keys ensuring that a user’s content, including their filenames, folder names and even the file types among other information is inaccessible. The SpiderOak staff, who have physical access to the servers, are also not able to view plaintext user information.

For enterprises, SpiderOak brings its ‘zero-knowledge’ privacy environment by running SpiderOak Blue, a virtual machine, behind the company firewall. SpiderOak Blue backs up all business data in one location, providing centralized access to all company files. It also keeps all company data synced and offers data control through configurable sharing features. A private cloud offering makes the entire solution available behind a company’s firewall residing in an on-premise server environment.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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