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January 30, 2013

Kaon Interactive Sees Growth in Interactive 3D Product Industry

The interactive 3D product models create spectacular product imaginary for interactive media, marketing campaign and more. The 3D product modeling is a practical technology that can be used by many industries including, entertainment industry to produce visual effects, in construction industry to develop render building plans, and engineering industry for 3D rendering of new devices.

Kaon Interactive, a provider of interactive 3D product marketing applications, today announced significant growth in 2012, as demand escalated for its interactive 3D Product Models, which look and behave exactly like the physical products.

The company presents a technology that allows B2B marketers to create interactive 3D product demonstrations to attract customers and increase sales. Interestingly, this cutting-edge technology can be reused across multiple hardware platforms as it reduces marketing expenses, increase product accessibility and customer engagement, better differentiate complex products, build brand image and dramatically accelerate the sales cycle.

Forrester (News - Alert) report states that by 2016, companies will spend $77 billion on interactive marketing -- as much as they do on television today.

When user’s demand for 3D content is skyrocketing, Kaon’s customers have realized the benefits of deploying interactive 3D product marketing content that is optimized for mobile devices. This 3D product content can also be run across multiple channels to enhance the customer experience everywhere -- online and offline.

"More companies are trending away from 'static' communication of their products to interactive 3D demonstrations that bring their products to life and Kaon is leading the market in realizing this vision," said in a statement, Gavin Finn, Kaon's president and CEO. "In 2012, our unique interactive visual solution for communicating complex product offerings, coupled with the ability to reuse Kaon's content across multiple platforms, has led many companies looking to reduce marketing costs and increase sales effectiveness to partner with Kaon for the first time."

Kaon family includes The Kaon 3D Product App and Kaon v-Rack. The company has reported significant customer growth within the medical device vertical.

Edited by Carlos Olivera

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