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January 11, 2013

VERA Gets Major Upgrade from Validas for Business in the New Year

Mobile analytics leader Validas (News - Alert) has made serious upgrades to VERA for Business, the company’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS (News - Alert)) analytics dashboard. The advancement unlocks any “big data” trapped in the wireless user’s bills, then converts that data into powerful and usable business intelligence.

About 42 percent the Fortune 500 market uses VERA for the management of their mobile bills via carrier clients, with individual Fortune 500 clients numbering at about 30.

Nearly every 17 seconds, VERA is used on a wireless bill, and has virtually limitless capacity for scaling.

“VERA allows an organization to make sense of their ‘big data’ in mobile. There are thousands of data points on a single wireless bill, and across a business’s tens to tens of thousands of bills we can be talking into the billions of data points each month,” explained Validas president, Todd Dunphy.

With such a booming industry for wireless billing, the “big data” sector is one that needs attention, and VERAS successfully puts this big data to use.

“Data tells so many important stories--about your sales teams’ productivity, about company morale, about any of a number of key statistics you want to know as a manager or business owner, some which could substantially reduce your wireless spend,” said Dunphy.

Wireless bills are, in Validas’ estimation, one of the most valuable untapped resource in business intelligence today.

“We're all only human, and it's impossible to read these stories effectively without VERA as the translator to put your 'big mobile data' into easily understandable terms,” Dunphy added.

VERA for Business comprises a dozen iterations, including distinct user modes that will recognize the client’s size and then deliver a bespoke user interface accordingly.

Additionally, VERA for Business has been updated with improved reporting views, trending functionality, and additional reporting dashboards.

Dashboards include “taxes and fees,” “churn at risk,” “compliance at risk” and “upgrade eligible devices.”

Many mobile operators currently offer VERA for free as a value-added service, reducing client third-party dependency on TEMs. This offering also increases transparency and satisfaction for the client, thereby reducing churn and saving the client a significant amount of money.

In 2013, Validas has ardently prepared VERA for Business for, well, business. 

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Edited by Braden Becker

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