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January 10, 2013

Opera TV Store Restyled for 2013 with Easy Navigation and Sleek Interface

To start the New Year off right, Opera Software (News - Alert) has rolled out an all new design for its cloud-based application store, with multiple changes to user interface in order to completely revolutionize Opera’s digital in-store experience. The change is aimed at making the Opera Software shopping experience sleeker and more stylish in presentation, as well as making it easier for customers to navigate the company’s product lineup on screen.

“The restyled Opera TV Store now makes it even easier for users to get to the apps they want and the content they need,” explained Opera Software’s CEO Lars Boilesen.

This 2013 revamp includes a boost in performance for Opera Software products, and the addition of new apps for the Opera TV store. Still, the most significant change for the company this year is definitely in user interface. This area has become a prime focus for the company moving forward into the New Year.

“We resolved to bring users of the Web on TV a better app experience in the New Year, and here it is,” the company said.

According to Boilesen, the basic system upgrade includes an improved search engine for apps and games, and several new ways of promoting specific applications. There are now wholly new categories for featured apps, and alternative, updated algorithms in place to prioritize the apps based on popularity or vendor, device or geographical location.

The Opera TV Store is based on an HTML-5 framework, but incorporates Opera’s own browsing engine to allow customers seamless accessibility to every app on Opera’s market, including many they may not have known about previous to using the Opera TV Store.

Additionally, developers will benefit from the Opera TV Store’s new layout, as it offers one of the most advanced Web development environments in the industry, giving the OEMs much more control over their devices and how they are promoted or listed in Opera’s store.

With more protection available in the new system, the operators, developers and investors are able to make more of the decisions behind product placement, promotion and usage.

By allowing for this level of control, Opera Software has created a unique in navigation experience for customers, in that the apps or features most popular will gain their recognition as a direct result of the work their developers, operators and investors put in behind the scenes.

Apps with maximum usage will gain that recognition according to choices made directly with the Opera TV Store, which will change the landscape of the Opera TV Store for 2013. Opera Software will have a preview of their new Opera TV Store at CES (News - Alert) 2013 this month, from now until January 11th, where the company will highlight several of its brand new features, such as the new side-by-side functionality designed for its apps, which allows viewers to watch a program while using an app that interacts directly with the show on screen.

This will create a setup that is split-screen, half-app and half-television show, and will significantly change the way a user watches television by doing just what they are doing for the Opera TV Store: giving the user more control.

Sony Bravia TVs and Blu-ray Disc players are currently running the Opera TV Store, but more OEMs will announce their involvement after CES 2013 has closed.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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