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October 31, 2012

iovation Unveils Fifth Data Center Utilizing Active-Active Architecture

iovation (News - Alert) will be opening its fifth data center that will host a third core data replication facility. The latest data center will be located in Portland, Oregon. The organization already has data center facilities in Amsterdam, Miami, Portland and Seattle.

Customers of iovation will be offered superior levels of dependability, allowing protection against Web-based criminal attacks. iovation, the Device Reputation Authority, offers an extremely flexible architecture in fraud management.

In a statement, Scott Waddell, VP of Technology at iovation said, "Since cyber fraud never sleeps, it is essential to have a fraud fighting solution that keeps the same hours. This new data center strengthens our active-active model to ensure that our shared service is there to defend our customers when they need it most."

An active-active delivery model instead of active-standby delivery model is used by iovation to process data instantaneously. This model eliminates single-point failure and curtails the wait from failover to a secondary facility. The latest information about devices related with past fraud or abuse across iovation's shared device intelligence network is available at all the locations. Each facility is therefore capable of resolving consumer queries as all the data is replicated across all the locations. iovation can now prevent identified offenders by using this shared data. This information also allows iovation to forecast the usage of fresh devices for committing fraud via its ReputationManager 360 service.

Web-based business and their end users are protected against fraud and abuse by iovation. The organization offers the best-in-class offerings comprising of both, shared device reputation and instantaneous risk appraisal. iovation's database of Internet devices are currently used by a minimum of 2,000 fraud managers worldwide. These fraud managers also advantageously utilize the dealings between devices to verify the level of risk related with any type of web-based transaction.

Instantaneous inquiries to iovation's knowledge base comprising of at least one billion devices from every country worldwide are performed by retail, financial services, social network, gaming and other organizations. Fraud Force Community is a restricted virtual crime-fighting network, wherein the major security experts across the globe share information for preventing cyber crimes and identifying device. This network is advantageously utilized by customers of iovation.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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