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July 17, 2012

Cenzic Enables Secure Applications through Web and Mobile Security Services

As the online and mobile industry continues to grow at a rapid rate, the demand for reliable application security is imperative whether you are a large enterprise organization, a small to medium-sized business, or simply looking for managed services.

Campbell, California- based Cenzic works with companies of all shapes and sizes to help assist them in managing their online risk through testing websites, mobile applications and additional Web services. Cenzic does this by accessing applications specifically looking for vulnerabilities to protect companies from potential hacks or security breaches.

When John Weinschenk, president and CEO of Cenzic sat down with TMCnet in San Jose, CA (News - Alert), he noted that the company serves the most horizontal market possible, as it works with everyone from financial companies looking for assistance in protecting important financial data and trading apps, to universities looking to secure grading portals and registration and payment information. Cenzic also provides its services to transportation companies, technology companies and healthcare establishments alike.

The company, which was established 10 years ago, continues to grow about 100 percent year to year due to adding additional customers in the space and with about a 90 percent renewal rate year to year.

Offering a full suite of security solutions, Cenzic offers services customizable for enterprise companies, cloud and managed cloud and a hybrid of the two, which Weinschenk mentioned is a popular package chosen by much of the company’s customer base.

After Cenzic conducted a recent research study, the company created a calculator available on its website that allows companies to gage the information gathered to create a bar of what other companies in the industry are doing to manage their application security and what successful security practices they should be participating in.

With a number of companies serving the application security space, Cenzic stands apart by accommodating one of the largest customer bases in the world that can test more applications with the help of its research team. Not to mention the fact that Cenzic is one of the only companies that can scale to meet the specific needs of its customer base.

Cenzic partners with web application firewall vendors, like F5 Networks (News - Alert) and Citrix, to block the vulnerabilities that Cenzic finds for its customers. Together the companies work to customize firewalls and help protect companies against each particular vulnerability. Cenzic also maintains a number of integration partnerships with companies like Accenture (News - Alert) and Infosys to help with the consulting and training of correcting vulnerabilities once they have been detected.

In terms of where the industry is going, Weinschenk notes that the market had the same network security issues 20 years ago and we will continue to make the same mistakes 20 years from now. The difference is how a company like Cenzic approaches the best ways to protect against vulnerabilities depending on the platforms that are most used at a particular time. While he noted that the advancements in mobile technology have certainly changed the landscape of security, Weinschenk said that the issues companies are facing are still the same, but now on different platforms.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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