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June 13, 2012

Cloud Security Provider Dome9 Celebrates its Expanded Ecosystem of Partners

We all get by with a little help from our friends and when it comes to Dome9 (News - Alert), a revolutionary cloud security service provider, the company has recently expanded its circle of friends to include big names like HP and Newvem.

“We have a really aggressive roadmap with regards to adding more security features for the users,” Roy Feintuch, co-founder and CTO of Dome9, told TMCnet this morning at Cloud Expo East 2012. “We are also very focused on building up our channels and partnerships and doing lots of integrations. Ultimately, we are on a mission to make the cloud a safer place and much more manageable.”

Founded in 2010, Dome9 is a cloud security firewall management company capable of centrally managing cloud security for servers.

Dome9 is a cloud security service that lets you: keep all administrative ports closed on your servers without losing access and control; dynamically open any port on-demand, any time, for anyone, and from anywhere; send time and location-based secure access invitations to third parties; close ports automatically, so you don’t have to manually reconfigure your firewall; and securely access your cloud servers without fear of getting locked out.

Recently, the company showed its continued commitment to maintaining a competitive edge by announcing in May that its cloud security service supports HP Cloud Services with automated security and centralized access management. Thanks to this partnership, subscribers to HP Cloud Services can leverage Dome9’s proven security management capabilities to secure their HP Cloud Compute servers.

“We are the first security company to partner with HP cCoud right on the launch of their new cloud offering,” Feintuch said. “We provide the users with security management services without needing to install any agent. Usually Dome9 installs agents but with HP cloud we are a pure API integration so the user only provides us with the API key and that’s it. From that moment we can see the entire API cloud setup and see how to properly configure and manage this environment; it’s 60 seconds of work in terms of the end user.”

“It is great to be partnering in this area,” he added. “HP Cloud is one of the first public OpenStack implementations so by bundling with them and offering Dome9 we are really providing the cutting edge technologies and being pioneers in securing OpenStack integration. This is only our foot in the door but the future of this technology is endless and we are just starting.”

And even more recently, Dome9 announced a partnership with Newvem, a company that powers cloud analytics and cost analysis. According to Feintuch, what’s neat about this integration is that Newvem highlights some security misconfigurations and flaws and then redirects users to Dome9 to fix the issues, making for a reciprocal cycle.

As put by Newvem, cloud users are usually naive when it comes to problems, particularly because they are often blinded by how easy it can be to migrate to cloud and create new databases in the cloud. But problems can creep up and cloud users need to able to figure out how to pinpoint these issues.

“You really have no idea where things can go wrong,” Feintuch said. “It takes a new kind of service such as Newvem and Dome9 to show you what is going on with your cloud – what are your expenses and how much are you vulnerable. With Dome9, we can secure your cloud and fix those security misconfigurations and open ports. This really adds a lot of value to the end user.”

An Israeli-based company, Dome9 has been able to attract customers all across the space from Web hosting companies to mid-market cloud adopters to companies that are building applications in the cloud, thanks to partnerships like the one with Newvem. Its ability to attract customers has also been the main driver in companies coming forward to forge partnerships with Dome9.

When asked what message Dome9 is hoping to spread about the cloud security company at Cloud Expo, Feintuch said it’s that the company is a pioneer in the cloud security space and is excited about its position in the market.

“We want to emphasize our commitment to this industry in that we are here and we are here to stay and grow,” Feintuch said. “We are not some kind of virtual company from the other side of the world. We are here, we are meeting with customers and with partners and it’s not our first show.”

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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