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June 07, 2012

AMFELTEC Unveils Second Generation of Flexible x1 PCI Express Gen 2 Splitters

AMFELTEC (News - Alert) Corporation, a company that specializes in providing equipment required for hardware and software development besides electronic design manufacturing and custom computing solutions, has launched the second generation of its flexible x1 PCI (News - Alert) Express Gen 2 Splitters.

“By using AMFELTEC Flexible PCI Express Splitter, a designer can easily connect up to any 3 peripheral add-in boards (PCI, PCI Express, MiniPCI or MiniPCI Express) to one motherboard PCI Express connector,” David Grindberg, director of engineering at AMFELTEC Corporation said.

“This solution opens the market to using almost any general purpose motherboard for embedded appliances, eliminating the limitation of the motherboard peripheral connector’s number. In addition, by using a flexible connection via flat cable, the chassis design for embedded appliances becomes significantly easier and more cost effective,” Grindberg added.

The disadvantages of modern motherboards are many as they have only limited connections for plug-in peripheral add-in boards. Also most general purpose motherboards hold only one PCI Express connector for catering to high bandwidth traffic. Besides, the cost, size and performance analysis are in favor of general purpose motherboards for various kinds of embedded appliances than dedicated processor boards.

It was revealed that the new splitter features x1 PCI Express Gen 2 host board, 3 12" PCI express flat cables, and 3 adapter boards for aiding plug-in 32-bit PCI, x1 PCI express, MiniPCI or MiniPCI Express add-in peripheral boards.

Also the new Gen 2 Host board has the capacity to double the bandwidth that was offered by Gen 1 Host boards. It allows upstream operation at 5 Gbps and downstream operation via PCI Express Flat cables at 2.5 Gbps.

According to officials, Amfeltec Flexible PCI Express Splitter makes off-the-shelf motherboards suitable for all embedded appliances. It eliminates the need to be compatible with the motherboard type and number of motherboard peripheral connectors.

In November 2011, AMFELTEC Corporation announced the expansion of its Flexible PCI Express, MiniPCI and MiniPCI Express Splitter Suite (Suite) by adding MiniPCI and MiniPCI Express Adapter boards.

This Suite allows splitting and extending different types of interfaces via a 12" PCI Express Flat Cable. It makes it possible to split MiniPCI, MiniPCI Express, 32-bit PCI and PCI Express interfaces into multiple 32-bit PCI, x1 PCI Express, MiniPCI or MiniPCI Express interfaces.

Edited by Carrie Schmelkin

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