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June 07, 2012

Clear2There Brings Viewbiquity Suite to Help Bring More Cloud Options

Clear2There today introduced its new Viewbiquity (News - Alert) cloud applications suite which allows cloud service providers to open up their offerings and provide services in advance of smart homes and smart businesses in a stand-alone central office based system that can be scaled up as demand requires.

The Viewbiquity system allows Clear2There to make offerings around the earlier release of the Viewbiquity Cloud Interface, which in turn opens up room to provider services like the InfiniVi mass video storage system, providing access to a cloud-based video surveillance system that can allow for remote playback and surveillance control. Viewbiquity also allows for controls on more typical smart home-related items like remote access locks, thermostats that can be altered off-site, motion sensors for increased security, controls for power and lighting, and more.

Viewbiquity even allows for smaller, simpler versions to be rolled out such that local telecommunications firms can offer trial versions to help gauge demand in areas in which services were previously unavailable. Since Clear2There currently works with a variety of businesses across North America, there should be brisk demand for other businesses wanting to get in on smart management, not to mention regular people who'd like some of that smart home joy for their own. VCAS also runs on a special fault-tolerant server that helps to ensure uptime, a necessary feature when it comes to ensuring that locks stay locked and lights stay off.

James Brehm, senior strategist at Compass (News - Alert) Intelligence, describes the release of Viewbiquity as addressing “a market that is thirsty for technological innovation, but often ignored by national carriers.” Further, he describes the Viewbiquity system as giving “service providers the tools and service bundles they need to hit the ground running with smart-home and smart-business services their customers want.”

While smart home technology has been the stuff of breathless, dreamy-eyed futurism for some time now, it's deeply gratifying to see moves being made in the direction of actually putting this service into play, and it's clear that Clear2There has the necessary infrastructure and experience to help get these desirable services into play. Being able to conserve power by shutting off lights left on inadvertently, or keeping thermostats set closer to outside air temperature when people are away, will also provide valuable cost savings on infrastructure and maintenance, making technologies like this a smart buy for those out to save money.

Edited by Carrie Schmelkin

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