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May 15, 2012 No Longer Supports Internet Explorer 8

Do-it-yourself HTML5 Web publishing platform, has announced that the company will no longer support the Web browser Internet Explorer 8.

Released in 2009, Internet Explorer 8 features accelerators, Web clips, new InPrivate browsing, and protection against online scams and malware. It’s the last version of Internet Explorer to be supported on Windows XP.

The inability of IE8 to enable the rich and interactive HTML5 elements is the foremost reason for the company’s recent decision, said company officials. It’s the first publishing platform to drop support of this browser.

Wix sees this measure as a means to long-term customer satisfaction by providing the most advanced solution for its growing HTML5 user base. Also, the company expects that, by no longer supporting IE8, it will be able to provide its users design flexibility, wider choice and the full power of the advanced HTML5 technology.

Avishai Abrahami, CEO and co-founder of Wix, believes that by freeing the Wix platform from the constraints IE8 places on its users, Wix will continue to lead the advancement of HTML5 web design features that aren't supported by outdated browsers today.

The Wix user demands more variety and a consistent stream of new features which will benefit their website in the long run, Abrahami said, adding that advanced HTML5 Web design and IE8 support cannot co-exist.

Currently, Internet Explorer commands around 20 percent of global browser market share, according to StatCounter (News - Alert) statistics, published in March 2012. But, Wix found that out of its 20 million users only 12 percent are using IE 8.

And, this number is dropping each month as Internet users are shifting to other alternatives -- which are more advanced compared to IE 8, according to the findings of Wix’s analysis.

Additionally, the results of a Wix poll showed that 89 percent of its users support the addition of advanced HTML5 features to the Website builder over the continued support for IE8.

Wix has decided to focus on modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome and advanced IE versions that fully support HTML5 and encourage its further development.

The company is all set to expedite the development of its HTML5 Website builder with additional advanced web design capabilities and features, this transition is expected to take place immediately. offers cutting-edge web technology that enables online users to customize Websites regardless of technical skill or previous knowledge.

Earlier this year in March, unveiled its new HTML5-based Website builder. Wix' adoption of HTML5 highlights the company's commitment to provide its 20 million user base with the most advanced tools and technology available.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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