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May 01, 2012

Boundary, Opscode Chef Integration Enhances Performance in Big Data Application Environments

Boundary recently announced the integration of its real-time cloud-based monitoring platform with Opscode’s Chef, a renowned systems integration framework. Boundary is a specialist in cloud-based monitoring solutions for Big Data Applications.

The integration will make it easy for customers to view changes within their environment within seconds of it happening. This in turn will make it easy for them to quickly analyze and put into place remedial measures which ensure continuity in quality of service.  

"With Boundary's Chef integration, we're able to automate both our internal monitoring and our external cloud-based monitoring,” said Adam D'Amico, Director of Technical Operations for Okta. “It's nice not to have to worry about gaps in our visibility when we deploy new resources."

Boundary will use the automation capabilities of Chef to show the changes that influence the user's application environment almost instantly after they have occurred. Developers and IT operations can use the alerts in Boundary's real-time analytics graph to quickly respond to problems.

By providing faster time to analyzing issues, the integration will help users maintain high-quality performance within Big Data environments.

"Integrating Chef with Boundary provides customers a way to see the effect of any application change, such as when configuration settings are updated – in a continuous second-by-second view,” said Gary Read, CEO at Boundary. “The ability to see changes annotated in Boundary's real-time graph provides a cause-and-effect view that helps customers find developing problems before they become fires."

There are three components to the Boundary Chef integration. In the first part, Boundary delivers a "Chef Cookbook" automating deployment and management of Boundary "meters" over the public and/or private infrastructure of the user. The meters in Boundary are then tagged and grouped automatically to node tags and roles within the Chef framework which helps in providing a consistent view of the application at all times for users.

Thirdly, all alerts, shown as annotations in Boundary's real-time analytics graph and featuring changes implemented by Chef, are available to users within less than two seconds. 

Edited by Braden Becker

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