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March 23, 2012

Turkcell and HP Get Together to Establish a Cloud Presence

Turkcell (News - Alert), a Turkish communications and technology company, has recently announced that it's looking to join up with HP for a series of initiatives designed to offer more in the way of cloud-based services to Turkcell's various clients.

Turkcell, according to reports from their chief information/communication technologies officer, Ilker Kuruoz, is out to become a “one-stop shop” for their potential clients' cloud needs. With the variety of services that HP can offer up—and indeed, while HP's personal technology side of things has seen better days, HP has always been a big name in the enterprise market—this in turn will give Turkcell a whole lot of opportunity to provide pretty much anything their customer base could hope for.

Turkcell is starting out its offerings with HP's CloudSystem Service Provider system to offer up Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Communications as a Service (CaaS) service models. The IaaS model will allow Turkcell to offer up the most basic features of cloud computing, such as raw storage and firewalls to protect it.

CaaS, meanwhile, allows for things like VoIP or Unified Communications (News - Alert) systems to be put into place, a somewhat more advanced service model than IaaS would be. This intermingling of the advanced and the comparatively mundane, however, does give a fair indication as to just what Turkcell is driving at in terms of the market.

Turkcell clearly wants to be a major player in the Turkish technology market, offering plenty of different options from the simple to the more complex. And with HP's level of skill and capability backing their play, they look like they might well wind up as the team to beat. They'll have plenty of room for customization, so they have the best chance of providing just what a customer needs at any given time, which will be a significant boost to Turkcell's overall capabilities.

It's going to take some time, of course, to see just how the whole thing boils out, but as long as they stick with HP, I can easily see Turkcell being the new top of the Turkish technological food chain.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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