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March 02, 2012

Equinix and RightScale Form Partnership to Offer Comprehensive Cloud Management Services

It’s well known that as more companies gravitate to cloud-based computing, the reliance on providers and services managers is increasing as well. Indeed, user demand for access to cloud-based content and apps via dedicated and mobile devices is also constantly rising. In that arena, users are dependent on IT resources, help desks and a multitude of service providers for access assistance. As large enterprises continue to look for single-platform support, more and more service providers are identifying these new opportunities.

The new partnership between Equinix (News - Alert), Inc., a global platform provider of high performance data centers, and RightScale, a cloud management company that enables organizations to deploy and manage business-critical applications across public, private, and hybrid clouds, plan to offer a complete cloud solution to the corporate IT and service provider markets named the RightScale Cloud Management Platform

According to Josh Fraser (News - Alert), senior vice president of business development for RightScale, “Unlike other offerings, this partnership allows IT teams and service providers to increase the speed and reliability of delivering comprehensive cloud environments, particularly for those organizations with high data security and compliance needs or for those looking for increased performance for specific applications. Customers can literally provision entire server deployments in minutes with full-featured automation and govern them over their entire lifecycle,” said Josh Fraser, senior vice president of business development for RightScale. “This unique combination of RightScale cloud management and Platform Equinix provides a compelling value proposition for companies looking to accelerate their business with private and public cloud infrastructures.”

Cloud computing can make a variety of computing services available to companies of all sizes on an ‘as-need’ basis. It allows providers to offer a range of physical resources, such as processors, data storage, applications, and platform access for developers. Providers accomplish this by having extensive server farms strategically located around the world. The result is that smaller companies can eliminate the need for physical hardware as well as the expenditures it entails. In turn, these companies receive access to massive computing and storage resources, then pay only for pro-rated computing services and usage. Now, having a management platform that enables these companies to keep data secure as well as take advantage of savings made possible with a hybrid cloud, offers these companies a win-win situation.

As Chris Sharp (News - Alert), general manager, cloud and content for Equinix recently stated, “Organizations are quickly seeing the need for a single management platform when looking to develop automated and comprehensive cloud infrastructures. With this partnership, customers can leverage RightScale’s leading cloud management offering for maximum visibility, organization and control across public, private and hybrid clouds. This collaboration is a natural fit, as Platform Equinix is the destination of choice for more than 4,000 companies as well as the home to a rich ecosystem of more than 300 cloud service providers.”

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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