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March 01, 2012

Neustar and Arbor Networks Offer Premier Cloud-based DDoS Mitigation Service

There are two vectors where Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are evolving. The first is the large scale of attacks. The second is increased sophistication. These attacks have garnered a great deal of attention because they’re on the minds of many CIOs. The Internet has also lowered the bar for online activism and increased availability. Today, individuals can equal the impact and range of nation-states just by using keyboard strokes and mouse clicks, organized through the power of social networks.

To counteract that, some companies will handle a percentage of on-premise mitigation, and leave the rest to professionals. Recently, Arbor Networks, Inc., a provider of security and network management solutions for enterprise data centers and carrier networks, announced that Neustar has become the first “Select” level service provider to operationalize Arbor’s Cloud Signaling capability in a service offering. One of the most common misconceptions about today’s DDoS attacks is that many companies assume they won’t be directly targeted.

However, this overlooks the multi-tenant nature of both cloud and Internet infrastructures and the very real effects of collateral damage. Another misconception is that you only need to throw enough extra bandwidth at the attack to survive. However, it’s less to do with bandwidth and more about backend servicing capacity and handling transactions once an attack is underway.

That’s where Neustar is the most relevant. Arbor Networks president Colin Doherty stated,  “As distributed DDoS attacks escalate in size and complexity, their detection and mitigation requires the collaboration of all stakeholders—from the customer premise to the service provider cloud. The Cloud Signaling Coalition from Arbor Networks enables this collaboration. It provides an infrastructure that facilitates local and upstream mitigation of edge-based, application-layer DDoS attacks as well as cloud-based, volumetric DDoS attacks in an automated and real-time manner.”

Arbor provides unequalled insight into and perspective on Internet security and traffic trends via the ATLAS Active Threat Level Analysis System. This collaborative effort with 100+ network operators across the globe enables the sharing of real-time security, traffic and routing information that informs numerous business decisions.

In the end, a defense model that engages upstream ISPs and systems close to an attack source is the most efficient means for identifying hackers and stopping attacks. In the case of large-scale attacks, you have to work with experts in a cloud environment, such as an ISP, that uses a purpose-engineered infrastructure to mitigate threats. In this way, CSC (News - Alert) Select providers are audited by Arbor Networks to ensure they meet the following criteria: Have a commercial in-cloud DDoS protection service that can accept cloud signals from Arbor’s Pravail Availability Protection System (APS); maintain a 24x7 on-site security operations center (SOC), and possess an in-cloud DDoS mitigation service that provides a minimum of 40 Gbps of mitigation capacity.

With Neustar’s SiteProtect cloud-based DDoS mitigation service in place, customers' Internet connected infrastructure can operate normally while under attack, thus avoiding downtime and potential revenue losses. Ultimately, cloud signaling helps to ensure the availability of data center infrastructures and speeds time-to-mitigation for DDoS attacks. Arbor believes that the best way for enterprises, data center and Cloud operators to have optimal protection against DDoS attacks is through this combination of on-premise and in-cloud protection. It’s also about ensuring operational efficiency and business continuity by filtering harmful traffic in the cloud or upstream of the organizational network.

Experienced enterprises know that you can’t absorb 100-gigabyte attacks and preserve availability. If a company hasn’t put all the precautions in place and partnered with a cloud-service provider to mitigate attacks, then it will be very difficult to do so at the last minute.

According to Alex Berry, senior vice president Enterprise Services, Neustar, “Neustar and Arbor have a long history of collaboration in the area of cloud-based DDoS mitigation. As threats proliferate, hundreds of the largest Internet companies trust Neustar to protect their brands and they look to us for continuous innovation and state-of-the-art solutions to protect their networks from today’s dynamic threats.”  

Enterprise customers can stay in control and maintain their expertise during an attack through granular post mortem reports with details of the attack and the steps taken by the service provider to mitigate the attack.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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