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June 10, 2011

FireHost Talks Cloud Security with TMCnet

Just as residents with home alarms don’t necessarily use their alarms until they find out their neighbor was robbed, some people don’t think about the importance of cloud security until they hear about all the hacking taking place.

Fortunately for those who are starting to worry about cloud security, FireHost has your back.

“Cyber security is on the rise, and people are becoming more aware,” Chris Drake, CEO of FireHost, told TMCnet at Cloud Expo East 2011 this week. “Our company has experienced most of its growth because more people have been hacked.”

FireHost, the leader in secure cloud hosting, delivers Web hosting solutions to eCommerce, SaaS (News - Alert), healthcare IT and security companies around the world. The Texas-based company specializes in protecting websites with compliance and high traffic needs and works to make hacker awareness, management and prevention a standard part of every hosting plan, according to company officials. FireHost relies on its advanced security technology coupled with its portfolio of hosting solutions to protect companies of all sizes.

Whereas others have approached the cloud as a commodity offering, FireHost prefers to approach it from a security perspective by brining protection to the cloud.

“It’s not that we are in a race beating other people, we are the only ones in the race,” Drake said.

FireHost started as a hosting company in 2006 before turning its attention to the cloud in 2009, particularly on offering hybrid models.

“People solve the security need by leveraging what’s good with public cloud and then doing the hybrid model,” Drake said. “That’s where the industry is going because they don’t know how to solve it in the public cloud model.”

“People actually want more security rather than savings,” he added. “We offer a premium secure product that is really needed.”

Just a few weeks before Cloud Expo, the cloud hosting leader introduced the industry’s first PCI (News - Alert) 2.0 compliant public cloud offering, offering the affordability and flexible scaling that businesses love about cloud, according to company officials. The offering has already generated a lot of hype in Europe, according to Drake.

The PCI Security Standards Council’s newest requirements released in the fourth quarter of 2010 address the cloud security challenge head on. As a participating member of the PCISSC, FireHost has shown its commitment to adhering to, and advancing, security in online payments by achieving PCI 2.0 compliance and creating a public cloud offering for this growing segment.

With the new offering, FireHost is hoping to spread the word about the public cloud, particularly that it offers benefits by not being attached to physical equipment, has the ability to scale and offers cost savings. All of this and advanced security can be achieved in the public cloud with FireHost solutions.

“Public cloud is the future,” Drake said.

During Cloud Expo, FireHost also had the chance to speak with TMC's CEO Rich Tehrani (News - Alert). Click below to watch the interview.


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