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June 08, 2011

Hosted Security Needs not Just a Cloud on the Horizon

Recently, high profile hacker attacks have made headlines and quickly increased the public’s familiarity with a threat that’s always been at the heart of network security. The same headlines also have many large scale operations wondering, “Are we safe?”

Vulnerabilities exist in all software, and finding and exploiting those vulnerabilities is how hackers gain access to the internal controls of a system. There are, however, ways for companies to proactively find these lapses, saving themselves painful PR and operational headaches that arise in direct correlation to attacks.

Core Security Technologies has a number of utilities designed to find where possible weaknesses exist. With their line of products, the testing process can be automated for simple systems, or utilize Core’s team of high end security experts in more advanced cases.

The company’s product line includes several options each designed for a specific role within a security strategy.  The Core Impact software suite enables IT specialist to run scripts that can find lapses in software. Core insight is available in both software and appliance, and is designed to automatically replicate attacks to see if and where they will happen in your systems infrastructure. Both can determine and replicate the behavior of intruders. TMC (News - Alert) spoke with Core Securities’ VP of Marketing Kim Legelis at this year’s Cloud Expo, where the company was showing off its newly unveiled CloudInspect SaaS (News - Alert), an automated security testing solution for cloud deployments.

 “We help companies replicate attacks, and because of our years in the field, we’re confident we know what path hackers are going to take once they’ve entered through one of these breaches,” Legelis said. “In the cloud we test the clients’ instance, not the infrastructure. The customer is tested in as chunk not in the greater ecosystem. Most professionals want independent tests rather than internal ones. So we’re independently looking at network weakness in clients using the cloud and helping address them.”

Currently available for clients of Amazon’s Web Service, CloudInspect will bring Core’s expertise in detecting network intrusion to those entering the new computing realm. Because this is a SaaS product, customer can expect constant support and updates from Core Securities that will keep them secure from the latest intrusion techniques. Given the wave of customer migration to the cloud for its affordable and flexible infrastructurtural offerings, malicious attacks are likely to follow computing into this newer arena of computation.

Core is currently offering 3 free monthly tests. Interested parties can check out the offer: here.

Chris DiMarco is a Web Editor for TMCnet. He holds a master's degree in journalism from Quinnipiac University. Prior to joining TMC Chris worked with e-commerce provider Suresource as a contact center representative and development analyst. To read more of his articles, please visit his columnist page. Follow him on Twitter @cpdimarco.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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