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April 25, 2011

Standalone DPI Market to Cross $2 Billion Mark by 2015: Infonetics Research

Network providers find deep packet inspection (DPI) a useful practice for using non-header content that is the actual payload to fulfill specific purposes through packet network equipments. The inspection is done when the packet passes an inspection point, searching for protocol non-compliance, viruses, spam or intrusions, so that appropriate actions can be taken upon the packet.

Infonetics Research, a firm that offers insight upon a number of market sectors such as telecommunications and information technology, has introduced a new research report that offers a comprehensive analysis of the DPI market. It focuses at market size, vendor market share, forecasts, and provides an overview of standalone deep packet inspection products generally available in the market. The report tracks a number of vendors such as Allot, Arbor, Bivio, Cisco, CloudShield, Huawei, Ipoque, Procera, NIKSUN, Sandvine (News - Alert) and Qosmos; and takes into account North America; Europe, the Middle East, Africa or ‘EMEA,’ Asia Pacific and Central and Latin America or ‘CALA.’

“Although residual concerns over net neutrality and operators’ proclivity for all-you-can-eat services have made US operators hesitant to do any widespread deployments of deep packet inspection or ‘DPI’ technology, the DPI market is growing at a healthy pace in other parts of the world,” commented Shira Levine, directing analyst for next gen OSS and policy at Infonetics Research (News - Alert).

She continued, “We anticipate particularly dramatic growth in emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, where operators are looking to address network congestion caused by rapid subscriber growth, comply with regulatory requirements, and support cyber security initiatives. Meanwhile, operators across all regions plan to use DPI to enable value-added services, such as content-based charging and premium services that provide a guaranteed quality of service for applications like video streaming.”

Within the study, Infonetics Research has forecasted that by the year 2015, the overall market of standalone DPI products will reach $2.1 billion. Further, in terms of revenue the worldwide standalone DPI market is being headed by Sandvine, followed by Allot and Cisco.

In January 2011, Napatech (News - Alert) released new whitepapers, suggesting that DPI technology can be leveraged to help mobile carriers offer more intelligent mobile data services than “flat-rate”. 

Arvind Arora is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Arvind's articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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