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April 05, 2011

Elektrobit Expands LTE Testing Solution to Include MIMO and Beamforming

Elektrobit (News - Alert) Corporation (EB), a developer of embedded technology solutions for automotive and wireless industries, announced it upgraded its Long Term Evolution (LTE (News - Alert)) solution with enhanced multiple input multiple output (MIMO) and Beamforming features.

As part of the upgrade, EB rolled out two LTE testing features in EB Propsim F8: increased amount of fading channels for MIMO testing and enhanced modeling capability for beamforming testing.

The upgrade is expected to meet the requirements of the LTE technology development. The upgrade is in line with network vendors’ need to develop and test LTE products to meet their time to market objectives. The LTE technology vendors are constantly evolving their testing solutions to ensure LTE functions as an effective technology for higher data rates.

“EB is the forerunner in the development of radio channel emulation solutions for LTE performance testing. Our hope is that the continued innovation surrounding LTE products will expand the productivity of networks and operators to provide better universal wireless service,” said Janne Kolu, vice president, test tools at EB, in a statement.

“By focusing on measuring, modeling and emulating the radio channel, EB allows manufacturers to provide stronger products for their audiences. Through F8 testing, we are able to provide improved testing capabilities and a sophisticated graphical user interface,” Kolu added.

The new testing solution offers several advantages. The new feature enables testing of bi-directional 4x4 MIMO with a single emulator unit. It is a cost effective and flexible way to extend testing capacity as a single EB Propsim F8 with a limited number of channels. With the feature, LTE testing capacity can be raised by 100 percent thus enabling more cost efficient MIMO testing with a single product.

Recently, EB lowered its profit guidance for the first half of 2011. EB is expecting a negative operating profit for the first half of 2011. It is expected that the operating result during the second quarter of the year will be better than during the first quarter of the year.

Rajani Baburajan is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Rajani's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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