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March 10, 2011

Newtec Announces Updated OEM NTC 7029 and NTC 7139 Modulator boards at SATELLITE 2011

Newtec, a global industry leader shaping the future of satellite communications, introduced its updated range of Original Equipment Manufacturer products at SATELLITE 2011.

The product manufacturers that wish to reduce their product development costs will be benefited by the DVB-S/S2 De-Modulator and Modulator boards.

Risks due to the reliability, maturity and future proofing of the boards are mitigated by the OEM product integration. As Serge Van Herck, CEO of Newtec (News - Alert) rightly explains:  it also allows the integrator to take profit from Newtec's efficiency and competences.

In a statement, Van Herck said: "This enhanced offering from Newtec will enable manufacturers to increase their potential market reach and throughput, without having to source specialized resources themselves. This can be costly and time consuming." Van Herck continued: "Governmental product integrators also benefit from off-the-shelf products, such as those with very high efficiencies that can be integrated to purpose built products and systems."

Newtec's OEM NTC 7029 and NTC 7139 Modulator boards are mainly targeted at Flyaway and encoder manufacturers wishing to enter the DSNG market. Modulation boards aimed at the DSNG market are also offered by Newtec.  An impressive, proven and reliable track record in the broadcast industry is held by the company.

Specifically suited to Integrated Receiver Decoder manufacturers, IP modem and transceiver manufacturers, monitoring equipment manufacturers and DTT transceivers, the upgraded boards enable broadcast system houses to build higher function IRDs that support higher data rates and MODCODs.

Extension of market reach and the integrator's product fit are facilitated by the IF to L-band conversion boards. This enables them to re-use already designed products with L-band functionality.

Both Advanced Encryption Standard and Newtec's FlexACM are supported by the DVB-S/S2 De-Modulator and Modulator boards.

In related news, OmniGlobe Networks EMEA, a leading provider of communications equipment and systems for satellite and terrestrial transmissions, has announced that it is the first company to receive full MENOS certification for a Fast News Gathering terminal from Newtec.

Deepika Mala is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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