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December 30, 2010

InteraXon to Demonstrate Thought-Controlled Technology at CES

InteraXon has announced its plans to make waves at the next Consumer Electronics Show (CES (News - Alert)) in Las Vegas. The company will demonstrate two new application concepts for its EEG-based thought-controlled computing technology.

InteraXon is developing a strong reputation in the thought-controlled computing space with its innovative applications. The company plans to debut a thought-controlled version of the ZenBound 2 iPad game, and a brainwave-powered 3D environment that was created in collaboration with Canadian artist Alex McLeod. NeuroSky (News - Alert) ThinkGear technology was used in the development of both applications.

According to InteraXon CEO Ariel Garten, brainwave-based technologies are finally reaching the marketplace and Garten believes that this year’s CES will be a watershed moment for thought-controlled computing.

Attention was drawn to InteraXon when the company created the world’s largest thought-controlled computing installation during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. This installation was followed up with a demonstration of the world’s first thought-controlled in-flight entertainment system.

A partnership with SecretExit enabled InteraXon to take this technology to the palm of your hand. SecretExit is the ZenBound 2 developer, and this collaboration is positioned as highlighting InteraXon’s ability to connect existing games and technologies with the power of thought-controlled computing.

Creative Director Pantea Razzaghi stressed that ZenBound 2 has been a natural fit for InteraXon as the game aligns with many of the core strengths of the company’s technology, which can add a new dimension of interactivity and engagements to a powerful application. The next exciting step forward for the technology is in bringing thought-controlled applications into the mobile space.

To develop the 3D TV, InteraXon partnered with McLeod, who used 3D modeling techniques to create hyper-realistic virtual environments. McLeod’s work has been displayed in galleries from New York to Sao Paolo to Barcelona. In working with McLeod, InteraXon engineers were able to create a truly immersive 3D world that could react to the user’s mental state. Chris Aimone, InteraXon’s chief technical officer, noted that this interaction highlights the diversity of experiences that can be created within the thought-controlled computing space. It also represents the first step toward fully immersive virtual worlds that will react to the user’s thoughts.

The two demonstrations planned for CES are expected to highlight the company’s ability to integrate the technology into a wide variety of applications. InteraXon positions itself as offering the resources, knowledge and skills to connect any business to the thought-controlled future.

CES is scheduled for Las Vegas Jan. 6 to 9.

Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMCnet and has also written for To read more of Susan’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Tammy Wolf

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