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October 15, 2010

Autonomy Private Cloud, New Data Processing Milestone

Autonomy Corp., a leading enterprise infrastructure software provider, recently announced that its private cloud computing platform has reached a new data processing milestone of 17 Petabytes of e-mail, multimedia data, and documents stored on 6,500 servers on 8 data centers spread around the world. One Petabyte is equal to 1,024 Terabytes, as even the largest hard drives are measured in terabyte, and petabytes are used solely to measure the storage space of multiple hard drives. So basically 17,408 Terabytes of storage space is equivalent to 11 times the size of 10 billion photos or 226 years of HHD video on Facebook (News - Alert). The private clouds are hosted in state-of-the-art high security data centers, which are under 24/7 surveillance, with multiple firewalls and virus protection, and fully qualified to support the performance and increasing volume requirements.

Autonomy’s (News - Alert) successful significant growth can be attributed to its innovative approach to cloud computing, and the quick adoption of multichannel marketing applications. Autonomy’s private cloud is powered by Autonomy’s Intelligent Data Operating Layer, which allows the cloud to automatically recognize concepts and patterns from the billions of files that are added and indexed into it every single day. Since it automatically archives the files, it provides a huge advantage to the user to identify files such as emails, video and social media posts, based on their indexing. This would be particularly relevant in the case of attorneys, or compliance officers, or even chief marketing officers, trying to find all the related information in one place.

Autonomy’s private cloud computing provides fast, cost-effective and turnkey platform for marketing applications and law firms, enabling Autonomy to be uncontested leader in this field. Autonomy's cloud-based marketing modules include Autonomy Optimost, Autonomy TeamSite, and Autonomy Virage MediaBin. Marketing teams can form virtual chain to collaborate the development of superior media content with their design and advertising agency networks. Autonomy's cloud-based information governance modules include, Autonomy Consolidated Archive, Early Case Assessment, Introspect, Legal Hold, Records Manager, Supervisor, and iManage WorkSite. This will enable corporate legal departments to form a virtual private chain with their partners and other related departments, thereby having a secure channel to collaborate information for a particular investigation or case.

In a press release, the CEO of Autonomy, Mike Lynch, said, "Most technology providers consider cloud computing to be nothing more than making the contents and applications in a digital storage box accessible via the internet. However, Autonomy's meaning-based approach to cloud computing brings intelligence to a range of applications, from archiving to eDiscovery to marketing. Autonomy provides the ideal platform for our Protect and Promote customers, who are dealing with an increasing array of content to govern and apply policy to, produce for eDiscovery investigations and review, and who are seeking greater agility in launching multichannel campaigns that resonate with their customers."

Carolyn John is a Contributor to TMCnet. To read more of her articles, please columnist page.

Edited by Jaclyn Allard

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