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Information Technology - The CIO's Guide to Mobile Security
The CIO's Guide to Mobile Security
The demanding needs of the mobile workforce have established a clear set of challenges for IT. From service to security, IT is now charged with ensuring that the user experience on the wireless network is as reliable as that of a wired network. It's a pretty tall order.
Information Technology - The DDoS Security Threat to Mobile Networks
The DDoS Security Threat to Mobile Networks
Due to the increased usage of 3G mobile devices like smartphones or PCs with air cards, that are accessing Web 2.0 applications for video and social network type of experiences, the amount of data traffic traversing mobile broadband networks is growing at a phenomenal rate. Cisco, for example, predicts mobile data will grow 66 times by 2013.
Information Technology - Dispelling the Convolution Myths of Virtualization
Dispelling the Convolution Myths of Virtualization
Virtualization and cloud management solutions can simplify how IT is managed, accelerate IT service delivery, increase operational efficiency, automatically assure compliance, and reduce business risks. With all of these benefits, how can firms avoid struggling with the technical and organizational changes that virtualization brings?


Cloud Computing
Securing the Cloud
Managed cloud services have emerged as excellent alternatives to procuring, building and maintaining new infrastructure for medium and large enterprises. However, it seems as though the adoption rate for cloud is significantly higher for non-core, non-production applications than it is for applications deemed critical for the day to day functions of these same medium and large enterprises. A customer recently pointed out that the reasons for the slower adoption include…
Web 2.0 → 3.0
Social Media Policies Minimize Risk of Leaks
From a security perspective, companies are affected by the same problems as individual users connecting to social media sites, but with potentially more devastating results. The main security concerns include…
Data Centers
The Data Center and IT Infrastructure
Energy and eco-efficiency issues have been growing in important in data centers for at least three years, increasingly driving decisions about infrastructure design, cooling and location. In 2010, operators unveiled a series of innovations as they pushed hard to reduce both capital and operating costs associated with energy.
Safeguarding Against a Denial of Service Attack: What's your Plan?
The motivations of cyber-criminals vary from politics to extortion, and all attacks are made with the intent to cause disruption to governments or businesses and cause severe financial as well as reputation harm. Organizations need to be aware of the very real threat of today's sophisticated DDoS attacks and understand the implications that such an attack would have on their network.
Automated Switching Completes Data Center Virtualization
Most IT organizations have implemented server and storage virtualization to some degree, but to fully realize the benefits of virtualization, IT organizations need to consider virtualizing the network. Automated switching is a big step toward creating a dynamic network that improves server and storage virtualization efficiency while reducing the staff resources required to manage data center operations.
Portable Cellular to Mobile Computer
Who would have imagined back in 1973 when Martin Cooper made the first cellular phone call, that one day we'd be booking airline tickets, paying bills, taking pictures, watching movies, getting directions and accomplishing real work on a device the size of a deck of cards?

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Editor's Letter
Mobile Cyber Security: A New Challenge for IT
If you open up almost any newspaper or read the latest headlines online, cyber security threats are everywhere. And with the growing proliferation of smartphones, security threats are now moving from computers to mobile devices.
Publisher's Outlook
Facebook Gunning for Your Market Share
With a sky-high valuation over $70 billion, Facebook has to be super-aggressive to ensure it can support a valuation that seems to grow by tens of billions every few months. With the ability to hire some of the best and brightest engineers, it is obvious the company should be exploring a range of new ways to justify its lofty valuation, which is worth about 75% of Cisco Systems.
Lights Out
App Stores Go Enterprise
The future of communications lies in applications and services. If you don't believe it yet, consider the sheer number of apps available (and the number of apps that have been downloaded) at Apple's App Store and the Android Market. Whether you are an iPhone user or have one of the latest Android-based devices in hand, one thing is certain: you have more than likely taken advantage of the exhausting list of apps available at Apple's App Store or the Android Market. For that matter, even BlackBerry users have a selection of useful apps available.
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