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February 16, 2011

Myricom Unveils Sniffer10G 2.0 with Packet Injection for Network Monitoring, Analysis Segments

By Beecher Tuttle, TMCnet Contributor

10-Gigabit Ethernet solutions provider Myricom on Monday introduced the Sniffer10G 2.0 with Packet Injection, a new software product designed to serve network monitoring, analysis and surveillance market segments, among others.

When paired with the company's 10G Extreme Performance Ethernet Network Interface Cards (NICs), Sniffer10G 2.0 provides organizations with a cost-effective solution that is capable of performing in "sensitive" and "mission critical" environments, according to a company release.

When running on one of Myricom's (News - Alert) NICs, the new software product is designed to capture and analyze 100 percent of network traffic at line rate for all Ethernet packet sizes up to 20Gbps. The Sniffer10G 2.0 boasts a low host CPU overhead, direct application access to captured data and no packet loss for all packet sizes.

"The Sniffer10G packet capture solution offers customers and partners a way to eliminate packet loss that can occur from packet overflow, congestion, and send/receive buffering errors," Dr. Nan Boden, CEO of Myricom, noted in a statement.

"Coupled with the new packet injection feature, Sniffer10G 2.0 enables deployment of intrusion prevention systems in inline mode as well as traffic generation systems for network testing," she added.

Beginning in the second fiscal quarter of 2011, Myricom will launch the network monitoring aid in three different versions: the Sniffer10G/Packet Capture, the Sniffer10G/Packet Injection and the Sniffer10G/Enterprise Inline operation, which provides packet capture, packet injection, customer support and integration.

RioRey, a Maryland-based manufacturer of devices aimed at defending networks from Distributed Denial of Service attacks, has already implemented a beta version of the Sniffer10G 2.0 and has found that the product complements its own solutions quite well.

Nitin Mehrotra, CTO at RioRey (News - Alert), said that when paired with Myricom's 10-Gigabit Ethernet NICs, the solution enables the company to "capture, inspect and inject data packets into 10GbE networks at wire speed with zero packet loss, and extremely low CPU overhead.”

Beecher Tuttle is a TMCnet contributor. He has extensive experience writing and editing for print publications and online news websites. He has specialized in a variety of industries, including health care technology, politics and education. To read more of his articles, please visit his columnist page.

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