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August 20, 2008

TippingPoint Introduces ThreatLinQ Global Security Intelligence Portal

TippingPoint, a provider of the IPS-Secured Network, has introduced ThreatLinQ, a real-time, global security intelligence portal that helps customers review the developing threat landscape and prescribe specific intrusion prevention system (IPS) policy changes. With ThreatLinQ, organizations can proactively optimize their network security and reduce unnecessary business risks.
Using the TippingPoint IPS, organizations can protect their networks from malicious attacks and vulnerabilities at the perimeter and inside the network core to provide protection for critical Web infrastructure and key assets in the data center. Adding ThreatLinQ intelligence, TippingPoint customers can quickly assess real-time threat and IPS filter data and designate security policy changes, as needed across their TippingPoint IPS deployments throughout the network.
"Most organizations aren't equipped to monitor the changing threats in the wild, analyze the data and revise security policies in a timely manner," said Marc Willebeek-LeMair, chief technology officer for TippingPoint. "ThreatLinQ gives our customers the ability to anticipate threats and adjust their IPS policies based on their network security requirements."
TippingPoint collects rich information on malicious threats and attacks through a worldwide network of "lighthouse" installations together with numerous TippingPoint customers. With the threat information, TippingPoint will be able to keep an eye on the current state of the global threat landscape and analyze recent changes for new and evolving threats.
Additionally, ThreatLinQ gives organizations the ability to drill down to view local threats by country and identify additional threat details for each monitored attack type. "We've found that many attacks are specific to certain parts of the world," said Rohit Dhamankar, director of security research for TippingPoint. "By providing detailed information on the attack source and destination, our customers can make the most informed decision on their IPS filter policies."
ThreatLinQ also provides detailed information for all TippingPoint IPS filter categories and recommended settings. Customers can determine the correlation between specific attack sources and IPS protection filters. In addition, organizations can assess IPS filter usage statistics based on information collected from participating TippingPoint "lighthouse" installations and compare them against their existing filter settings.
ThreatLinQ helps organizations make proactive changes to their IPS protection profiles based on understanding the changing threat landscape and improved IPS filter intelligence. Customers can review the threat landscape data, compare the top threats to their IPS filter profile and narrow the threat areas that require further evaluation. They can make security policy changes as well by directly mapping any security gaps to individual IPS protection filters and then analyze the IPS filter information for the filters needed to protect against new attacks.
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Niladri Sekhar Nath is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Niladri’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

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