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September 15, 2017

8 Fastest Growing Cybersecurity Companies Right Now

Cyber security is actually a great way to secure all your data in the most secured way so that no hacking could be ever possible. This is of utmost importance in order to keep all the important data of an organization protected from any sort of cyber attack. Cyber attack is a severe crime that has reached its peak level nowadays due to the over-exposure of internet world wide.

The cyber security service is the fastest growing market for the computer security in all the sectors from banking to defense and business organization. With this many new cyber security companies emerged in the scenario. Here are the 8 fastest growing cyber security companies.

IBM Security


On the top list of cyber security the IBM (News - Alert) security has gained the second position from twelfth position. The market capital is $133.17 billion with current share of $142.90. IBM being the main company this security system is popular due to its customizable system to detect and disrupt the threats and also is very cost effective too. IBM’s security is inclusive of security intelligence, advanced fraud protection, application security, data security and privacy along with infrastructure protection.



This security ranks the 5th position on the top 500 list of cyber security companies. If you are looking for the protection of your email data and want to save your organization from loss of crucial information, spear-phishing and malware, then Mimecast is the best option to deal with. It has also launched an Email Security Risk Assessment in February followed by the Case Review app in June. Mimecast’s market share is $1.51 billion with current share of $26.69.



Cisco (News - Alert) being 7th in position has a worldwide reputation to detect and disrupt any sorts of cyber threats. It has advanced technology to detect malware and is equipped with the next generation firewall, prevention system and security management along with cloud security. For VPN security clients and email protection, Cisco is very much useful. It is also notable for network visibility, web security and router security. The market capital is $158.50 with current share of $31.84.

Raytheon Company


Raytheon (News - Alert) is the leading cyber-security company that is widely used in government sectors, defense and in many industrial sectors. This security system is known for its innovative solutions and technology.  The Raytheon cyber is a multi-functional system operating digital forensics, and cyber-security assessments. It can effectively manage and detect threats. The market capital of Raytheon is $51.81 billion along with the current share of $181.30.

CyberArk Software


It is the 8th company in cyber security service that is popular for shared technology platform, enterprise password vault, SSH key manager, privileged threat analytics, application identity manager, on-demand privileges manager. It is headquartered in Israel and Massachusetts. It is primarily focused on cyber threats of different sorts. The market capital is about $1.41 billion with the current share of $40.97.

Lockheed Martin


This security service is in the 13th rank with its headquarter in the Bethesda, Maryland. This service is inclusive of research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment which are compatible with advanced technology systems. Lockheed has market capital of $86.86 billion with current share price of $302.32.

BAE Systems

In the global defense, aerospace and security company this security system is very much in use. For commercial uses as well as in the government sector BAE provides accurate and advanced technology with innovative approach to protect data. It is known to operate in five different levels. These levels are the electronic systems, intelligence and security systems, applied intelligence, cyber and intelligence systems, and platforms and services. Its current market capital is $25.15 billion with its current share price of $31.77.


This security service company has its headquarter in Oxford, UK. it was ranked 8th, but later dropped down to the 10th position. It has market capital of about $237 billion with the current share of GPB$523.64. Sophos Mobile 7 is the newest version of the Mobility Management that was launched in February. The company has recently joined hands in partnership with Konica Kinolta in order to start and integrate the Xg firewall and Sophos Wireless into Workplace Hub.


Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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