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September 15, 2017

What to Look for When Hiring an Android Developer

By Special Guest
Dr. Diane Schleier-Keller, Business Strategist and Finance Columnist

Today, more people visit websites on their mobile than they do on their desktops. A major transition in how we interact online, these numbers are showing no signs of slowing down. Because of this shift in how we connect and communicate online, it’s unavoidable to get your site up and running without having a mobile friendly version. For Android (News - Alert) developers, it’s a great time to be in business, but what if you're on the other side, looking for  the perfect developer in a sea of potential Android experts?

There are plenty of practical steps you can follow when it comes to hiring the right person, but when it comes to hiring someone who specializes in a specific technical skill, you may not know exactly what you need. Before you seal the deal, make a list of resources and skills that you need to check out to be sure you find the perfect Android Developer for your team.

Go for the freelancers

Thanks to a growing gig-economy, it’s a great time for startups and small businesses who are looking to diversify and expand their teams. Today, there is an abundance of platforms where you can find freelancers for just about anything, especially Android developers. Yet, more choice isn’t necessarily always good. Too many options can make it difficult for employers to find the optimal candidate for the job.

Fortunately, the freelance economy has developed in recent years, setting higher standards and making room for platforms that only work with the best. Companies can rest easy knowing that certain portals screen each individual based on skillsets, experience, and ability to meet deadlines. Platforms that carefully assess their freelancers are sure to offer a range of samples of their work so you can get a sense of their unique style before you take the interview process to the next level. 

Fluent in programming language

Okay, so you’ve found someone that you think you would really like to work with. But remember, when it comes to Android or any other type of developer, there are a few things you must check off the list before you move any further. Make sure they speak Java fluently. The native language for developing Android apps, it’s not only essential that your potential hire knows the lingo, but is also up to date on their variables, loops, and the list goes on.

Of course, it’s possible that you may want to develop your app using a different language, such as C++, but in most cases, you are probably going to want to stick with Java.

Put their skills to the test

This works well if you already have a mockup of your app that you can use as a testing ground for potential candidates. If you’re not that far along, there are some sites that offer pre-employment screening. For employers on the lookout for an Android developer for the first time, these types of tests offer a simple solution to testing an Android developer’s basic skill sets like layouts, services, threads, etc. Checking your candidate’s ability to pay attention to details lets you know that they won't slack when it comes to important tasks, such as security measures, which are key when it comes to protecting your important data.

Don’t forget the people skills

No doubt your priority when looking for an Android Developer is to ensure you'll find someone with excellent technical skills. But remember, you’re also going to be working together, so make sure they’ve got the people skills to match. Focusing too much on someone’s professional competence might cause you to overlook whether or not they are actually a good fit. When combing through a candidate's resume, make sure you check to see if they’ve worked on any team projects, or if they have experience outside of the specific skills that you’re hiring for.

Today, we understand that diversity in the workplace and in teams is essential to problem-solving, so maybe that camp counselor experience is just what you were looking for in a new team member. In addition to having a good look at your candidate’s resume, be sure to have an informal introductory meeting or call to discuss your company’s philosophy or project goals. Getting a sense of how your future employee communicates is a must.

About the Author: Dr. Diane Schleier-Keller is a business strategist and finance columnist. She has 3 years of experience in M&A and has been traveling the world to help train entrepreneurs to succeed in their business. You may also connect with her on Twitter.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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