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September 05, 2017

Top 6 IT Asset Management Tips

For IT and CIOs managers who are considering implementing an IT Asset Management or ITAM program, there are certain steps that should be taken to ensure program success. Successful asset management is important to any organization or company so that inventories can be accurately evaluated, reducing the likelihood of equipment being stolen or lost. Organizations have to acquire a lot by maintaining control of IT assets. They can avoid increased productivity, massive unplanned expenses, and also provide easy access to information that helps in decision making.

Keep these 6 tips in mind when you design an IT asset management program.

Be Responsible

Successful project first starts with people, next process, then comes the technology. Since IT Asset Management covers every part of your business and you must have a leader who has the support of all partners who have an idea how to keep people and technology together into a proper working solution.

Get senior management support

 IT Asset management systems generally represent a significant financial investment commitment and investment by organisations and companies, so senior management support is important to success.


 Without proper usability, nothing else matters. If your users will not use and adopt your selection, it is a waste of both effort and time. You should try to understand how your users will accept your IT asset management system. In short, the user interface should be intuitive and simple for the first time user.

Select appropriate software tools

Be careful when you select Software tools for your IT Asset Management Program. These tools should be carefully selected to meet all of the defined needs as well as serve your organization’s flow of data. Rather than your organization adapting to an unsuitable tool, the software tools should adapt to fit your organization.

Occasionally review the IT Asset Management program

 Like other systems that are important to your organization's operation, IT Asset Management programs should be periodically reviewed to ensure achievement of the defined objectives, goals and benefits. A weekly review of the IT Asset Management program is recommended. At this point, problems can be identified and corrected and your organisation’s success can be measured. Further, this review you can utilise your time to find new uses for the data and benefit the additional areas of your organization.

 Demonstrate your success

Share the value of your IT Asset Management system by exhibiting data with appropriate staff members at various levels within your organisation or organisation. This will surely appreciate and encourage ongoing support from senior management as well as other departments of your Organisation.

There are many advantages to plan out how you will manage your organisation’s IT assets. Having a proper plan allows you to boost productivity, save money, and have preferable access to information. The above listed tips will help your organisation to manage your IT Assets correctly.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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