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November 30, 2016

Here Are a Few Reasons Why Tenaya Hurst is So Excited about Arduino

Tenaya Hurst is a very recognizable figure within the maker movement. She’s the effervescent redhead you may have seen bopping around TMC (News - Alert) events in a glowing t-shirt and pink tutu. And her aim is to educate the world about what’s possible with Arduino technology.

Arduino, as you may know, is an open source prototyping platform that makes it easy for educators, IoT developers, makers, and students to create a wide range of solutions. And Hurst is the education accounts manager for

Several makers have risen to prominence due to their Arduino projects, noted Hurst, who met with me earlier this month at TMC Editors’ Day in Santa Clara, Calif. That includes Joey Hudy, who created a marshmallow gun, which as an eighth grader he demonstrated alongside President Obama. (He also made a RGB LED cube and ended up interning at Intel (News - Alert) before even entering college.) It also includes entrepreneurs Mitch Altman, who created the TV-B-Gone universal remote control, and Quin Etnyre, the CEO of Qtechknow, which sells the Qduino Mini line of Arduino-related products.

A couple of the new Arduino offerings Hurst has been helping to promote include the Arduino Alicepad and the Arduino Primo Core. The Alicepad is carrier board for the Arduino Primo core that can be employed to make wearables. It features a USB port for ease of programming, and a battery charger for LiPo batteries. The Primo Core, meanwhile, is a coined-sized Bluetooth device that features a Nordic nrf52832 chip with integrated motion and environmental sensors, and low power consumption.

There’s also a new board coming out from STMicroelectronics (News - Alert), she added, that features Arduino connectivity support and can be enhanced with a touch screen. And Arduino, she said, has a bunch of new shields coming out; a shield is an added board that works with Arduino.

Arduino, Hurst added, is also working to connect its community more by providing curriculum for teachers, and related kits for classes like chemistry and math, on its website.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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