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November 21, 2016

The Basics of WordPress Database Backup

By Special Guest
Sujain Thomas, IT Expert, Remote DBA

WP Database Backup, an integrated package of WordPress, enables users to create and restore backups the easier way. With this package, one can easily enable manual or automated data backups using limited steps. As such, it not only guarantees speed but also ultimate safety, considering that it allows database storage on Dropbox, FTP or even Google (News - Alert) Drive. Ideally, the basic package comes with several amazing features.

Key Features

WP Database Backup boasts of numerous distinguishing features. For one, it enables easy creation of reliable backup using a single click. Even more, the package allows for automatic creation of Autobackup Backup, with the option of having it repeated a number of times. Another amazing feature is the ability to download backup files directly from one’s WordPress Dashboard. Yet again, this package gives you the option of sending the entire database backup files to emails of your choice. As such, it enables easy sharing of restored and backed up files.

With WP Database Backup, it is also possible to carry out easy documentation, a feature that is not so common with other packages of similar kind. More interestingly, it is possible to arrange the backup database based on date or the file size depending on your preference. The list of key features would not be through without the mention of multiple storage destinations. What makes WP Database Backup more preferable to most remote DBA experts is the fact that one is not limited as far as storage destination is concerned. It allows you to choose from Email, Amazon s3, Google Drive, Dropbox (News - Alert) or, even better, FTP.

Additional Features

Besides the main features, WP Database Backup comes with extra features that are included in the Exclude Table. These include:

  • Easy Documentation Process
  • Easy to use Database sorting options based on file size and dates modified
  • Integrated search option
  • Database backup zipping capabilities allowing you to save and send database backup files in zip format. This is saved on the local server and the saved file can be sent to the required destination as a zipped file.
  • List pagination of Database backup

Get WP All Backup

For enhanced interaction with this lovely package, you can get the pro version of the same. This enables you to access advanced features, which are not enabled in the basic package. Some of these advanced pro features include:

  • Complete Backup capabilities
  • Compatible with different sites
  • Manual backup capabilities
  • Option of excluding selected files and folders.
  • Single-click restoration capability
  • Repeating Schedule Autobackup
  • Several Storage Destination features
  • Automatic elimination of old backups
  • Capabilities of limiting the number of stored backups
  • Scheduled reports; this enables the sending of the backup files to designated email addresses
  • Easy-to-install features
  • User-friendly
  • Ability to change backup folder name

Unarguably, the Pro version of WP Database backup comes with more advanced features, making it effective and almost irresistible. With email notification capabilities, reliable customer support, Amazon s3 integration, FTP integration, Google Drive integration and much more, you stand to benefit a lot by opting for this premium version.

About the Author

Sujain Thomas is an experienced IT expert who has worked in many renowned firms. Her unwavering expertise in WordPress Plugins and related software makes her one of the most sought-after remote DBA experts. For more articles on related content, visit our website. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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