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November 10, 2016

SAP HANA to Get Some Great New Power with IBM Development

Many companies put SAP HANA to work in driving some operations, but IBM (News - Alert) is ready to put still more power into that platform by offering some new infrastructure choices to help drive it along. The new choices could mean big new options afoot, and may give IBM a further leg up in this market front.

The new infrastructure options will allow companies to deploy as many as eight production databases on just one server thanks to IBM Power's virtualization options. With that many production databases in play, reports note, it will be easier for companies to put platform virtualization to use and launch more SAP (News - Alert) HANA workloads. That in turn should yield greater flexibility for businesses using it, allowing said businesses to bring out tools like cloud models and improved workload balancing.

Since SAP HANA offers enterprise application users a better ability to run transactions real-time, also including analytics tools to help ensure the best results, there's a clear interest in bringing SAP HANA tools on board. With IBM Power involved, meanwhile, a good thing is made even better by allowing multiple SAP systems to work together—this allows for new scenarios involving coordinated failover and fallback options—as well as offering direct cost savings though smaller footprints and faster time-to-market. With workloads consolidated, that allows several different systems to run from one server, particularly test, production and development all at once.

Plus, with Power Systems in place, users get access to things like high-availability components that allow for uptime levels approaching five-nines—99.997 percent at last report—as well as rapid scalability of systems and the ability to move live applications from one server to another.

IBM Systems vice president Kathy Bennett commented “Our clients are consistently searching for ways to reduce their overall IT footprint and associated costs without sacrificing capability or performance. With IBM Power Systems we're enabling companies with the means to use virtualization to match their deployment to their business, and bring processing and data closer together to reduce latency and speed decision making.”

IBM has brought out a terrific move here for anyone considering SAP HANA at all, or is currently using it. It's made a very good thing much better with new options and new capabilities, and in an environment where there's a competitor around every corner and two in every dark alley, IBM has improved the chances of an IBM Power / SAP HANA combination showing up and staying in most every office around.

With that level of capability afoot now, and more likely to follow before too much longer, the end result should prove to be a welcome one not only for IBM, but also for its users. Extra power for no extra charge seldom proves unwelcome, and a clear value is commonly appreciated by its buyers.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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