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August 28, 2014

Perforce Versioning Engine Integrates with VMware vCloud Air

With companies introducing various versions of their software and applications faster than ever before, version controlling has transformed into an essential task for people working in development environments. Version control is necessary as it is easy to get lost in a sea of files and source code.

Helping its clients manage their global development assets, Perforce Software has unveiled Perforce versioning engine on VMware vCloud Air. This combination is expected to provide the much needed scalability, visibility and security for software and applications under development.

This partnership now enables users to setup a secure environment in the enterprise environments. They do not need any special skill sets to achieve this. VMware vCloud makes use of VMware vSphere and supports workloads and third-party applications. It also provides other features such as support for new application development.

Perforce P4D allows users to manage all their assets in one place and hence facilitates easy workflow. It secures all IP and improves cross-team productivity. P4D is optimized for high volume and automated environments and there is no limit to individual file size (text or binary). It also provides unique plugins, documented APIs and SDKs for integration.

“VMware vCloud Air is an ideal platform for Perforce since it provides the same enterprise-grade security and performance both on-premises and at cloud locations across the globe," said Christopher Seiwald, founder and CEO of Perforce. "With VMware vCloud Air we can spin up new resources to support the development lifecycle as demand increases and we get the same performance advantages we've had with our on-premises systems.”

Perforce has been releasing various products to facilitate speedy software development. Recently, the company introduced parallel sync capability. According to the company, this new capability enhances workspace sync time by nearly 50 percent.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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