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August 11, 2014

IaaS Provider Receives Innovation Leadership Award

A global growth and consulting firm recently honored a cloud computing solution provider with an award for its leadership and innovation in the market.

Frost & Sullivan (News - Alert) announced last week that it had awarded Profitbricks with its 2014 ‘North American Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation Leadership’, for creating "a new benchmark in the cloud computing space" that offers business customers a high-performing, low cost, easy to use infrastructure as a service product.

In the official announcement, Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst, Debarun Guha Thakurta, addresses the complexity of cloud-based implementations and says it often takes highly-skilled teams considerable amounts of time to work with competitors’ solutions.

"In contrast [to competitors products]," Thakurta says, "the highly user-friendly graphical user interface of the ProfitBricks (News - Alert) solution makes designing, building, deploying, and maintaining a cloud environment simple and rapid."

The full report that describes the intricacies of the ProfitBricks software and company motivations includes an explanation that the primary motivating factor of the company is not to increase its profit. Instead, the company focuses on customers when developing its products, and through that dedication to its customers, it has completed cloud-based software that works according to industry needs but is also available at low costs.

One way in which it reaches out to its customers is through customer service. Beyond simply creating a product that works efficiently and quickly, ProfitBricks provides its customers with email, phone, and online support at no additional charge. As a result, when customers do have problems with the software, they can call customer service to help them address their problems in ways they prefer.

The design of its software is largely built on speed that surpasses many other industry competitors. It uses an InfiniBand high-performance network that can connect to servers at up to 80 Gbps. This allows its customers to access their data quickly and also allows ProfitBricks' maintenance teams to address problems in short order.

Edited by Adam Brandt

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