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August 06, 2014

Skytap Updates Skytap Cloud Solution

Development teams working on an application often find problems in collaboration. This problem is especially more apparent when these teams are working from different locations. Often, this hinders the process of app development and causes delays in introducing the app to the market.

Enabling development team working from different regions to copy on-demand environments to different regions, Skytap has added various new features to its Skytap Cloud solution. Apart from this, companies can also set cloud usage quotas for developers that ensure better usage of cloud.

Skytap’s copy to region feature enables developers even to copy most complex applications with ease. When a developer or team of developers is done for the night, they can just copy that entire application and share it with nearest team in the software development lifecycle. When they are back in the morning, they will be working on the latest application, powered by cloud technology.

Using Skytap, companies no longer have to worry about the overconsumption of cloud. Companies can now apply charge-backs for global cloud dev/test lab consumption and control consumption in this way. They can also set department quotas to reduce the administrative overhead and to ensure everyone gets their share of the cloud.

“The addition of Skytap’s copy to region capability immediately solves the fundamental obstacle in achieving follow-the-sun software development—the ability to quickly pass exact replicas of complex environments back and forth,” said Brian White, vice president of products at Skytap. “By removing the pain of accessing centrally located environments, Skytap enables enterprises to immediately increase the productivity of their globally dispersed teams”

Skytap has been working with other companies to explore numerous possibilities in the cloud. Recently, the company partnered with Parasoft, a provider of Service Virtualization, API Testing, and Development Testing technologies to facilitate Service Virtualization and Test Lab Management in the cloud. 

Edited by Adam Brandt

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