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August 06, 2014

Port of Cleveland Will Now Have Intellicheck Mobilisa's Web-Hosted TWIC Plus Readers

The Port of Cleveland in Ohio is a major driver of the economy in the Great Lakes region, and handles an average of between 11 million and 16 million tons of cargo annually. With such huge traffic, the Port needed a technology that is capable of providing an added layer of security to port operations and port personnel. To accomplish this, Intellicheck Mobilisa’s web-hosted TWIC reading system are chosen by the Port of Cleveland.

Intellicheck Mobilisa is a provider of identity solutions and wireless security systems which are in use right from retail loyalty enrollment, to banking services industry.

As per the terms of this contract, Intellicheck Mobilisa will provide its TWIC Plus IM2620 identification card readers which will help in keeping track of each personnel entering the facility at any time.

“We are once again grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate the power and versatility of our TWIC readers, and believe their performance will reflect the quality of the engineering involved in their manufacture,” Kimberly Chochon, vice president of Port Security Sales at Intellicheck Mobilisa, said in a statement.

Back in July 2013, Intellicheck Mobilisa’s IM2620 and IM2610 products were approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The two TWIC reader products passed the TSA’s rigorous testing and are now officially on its Qualified Technology List (QTL) of approved products that ports, ships and other facilities with controlled access should purchase. In addition to reading TWIC cards, these products scan driver’s licenses and military IDs, can match person-of-interest lookups with law enforcement lists and authorized lists, and are capable of integrating with existing port security systems.

Nelson Ludlow, chief executive officer of Intellicheck Mobilisa believes that the TWIC reader technology is capable of providing an added layer of security to port operations and port personnel.

The Company recently provided a similar system to the Port of Portland in Oregon.


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