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August 04, 2014

FortyCloud Unveils a new Offering in the Rackspace Marketplace

Security is the biggest worry for companies thinking of making the transition to cloud technology. Although cloud technology has numerous unique advantages, companies often spend resources either securing sensitive data in the cloud or battling the attacks from malicious sources.

FortyCloud has started a new wave in the Rackspace (News - Alert) Marketplace through its first-of-a-kind offering. With this offering, FortyCloud offers a complete, end-to-end solution that helps customers to secure their cloud deployments even further. FortyCloud provides network Security-as-a-Service solution for cloud deployments.

According to FortyCloud, the company offers a network Security-as-a-Service solution that brings together important security components and provides the best possible cloud automation security. It provides features such as VPN access and connections, secure tunneling, firewall rules, encryption, access control, identify management and many more. FortyCloud’s distinct “overlay network” makes everything visible and controllable.

FortyCloud’s offering isolates cloud deployments with the help of an intuitive user interface (UI). This enables the customers to create and control their own secure, flexible, and scalable virtual private cloud network. The offering is useful for system administrators, networking and security engineers as they can gain control of their entire cloud security solution with just a few mouse clicks.

“Our company’s mission is to promote the migration of enterprises to the public cloud,” stated Amit Cohen, co-founder and CEO of FortyCloud. “We are excited to collaborate with Rackspace, one of the industry’s leading IaaS providers, to enable customers to gain significant operational efficiencies through an automated, end-to-end configuration and the ability to control and monitor their cloud network in real-time.”

Recently, the company introduced an offering that allows companies to make their public cloud -- private. According to FortyCloud, it is the only company that brings together software defined networking (SDN) and software defined security (SDS) technologies.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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