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August 01, 2014

AlertLogic's Solutions Boosts Application Developers' Confidence

Cloud9 (News - Alert) IDE, an online application development environment, needing to provide a safe platform for developers to share and edit code and ideas, decided to deploy AlertLogic on its Google (News - Alert) Cloud Platform to monitor security and compliance on the applications built by developers on their environment.

"With our unique platform, process and software solutions, we're excited to be the first to offer Security-as-a-Service for Google Cloud Platform and its users," said Gray Hall, CEO at AlertLogic.

AlertLogic’s Security-as-a-service solution provides network, system and Web application protection that will help organizations to protect customer data, while remaining safe and compliant. AlertLogic doesn’t differentiate between IT infrastructure being on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid. Its security offerings are available to customers at a lower cost than legacy security offerings.

"The same infrastructure, tools, processes and systems that are used internally to build applications like Google Search and Gmail are now available to power your start-up or business," said Hall.

AlertLogic’s Log Manager and Threat Manager are expected to provide network and system security for workloads running on Google’s public cloud. Applications built on top of the cloud are vulnerable, and traditional security tools aren’t adequate to handle these vulnerabilities. Alert Logic's solution enables customers to fulfill their security and compliance requirements in a single solution across cloud and hybrid IT environments.

Its Log Manager collects data from the entire infrastructure and presents it in a single view. With all data available in one place, visibility is increased and results are forthcoming faster. The Threat Manager offers comprehensive support to all types of infrastructure. Its intrusion detection and scanning services gives organizations insights about the threats and vulnerabilities that affect it.

The company’s 24×7 Security Operations Center offers a comprehensive set of security tools and services that will afford continuous protections down the application stack. Users don’t have the headache of maintaining and upgrading hardware or software.

“With their intrusion detection system, and more importantly their 24x7 security monitoring, Alert Logic enables us to offer a protected environment to developers where they can write applications and collaborate free," said Ruben Daniels, CEO of Cloud9.

Given the security risks in the cloud, developers are careful about developing applications in it, but with AlertLogic’s safeguards in place, they should have an easier time.

Edited by Adam Brandt

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