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July 25, 2014

ABI Recognizes Gemalto as Digital Security Forerunner

As more and more sensitive information makes its way onto the digital plane, the world populous finds ever increasing necessity for protection from cyber theft and malady. Leading the charge on this front is Gemalto (News - Alert), a global forerunner in digital security, and now, ABI Research’s number one ranked company in the provision of secure government and healthcare electronic documents (passports, smart cards, etc.).

"Gemalto continues to innovate at the forefront of the ID market," asserts Phil Sealy, senior analyst at ABI Research (News - Alert). "In line with future market trends, the company is placing the emphasis on e-government enablement regardless of the device used by citizens – computers, smartphones, tablets and more."

ABi’s report considered many factors holistically in their decision to bestow such an honor upon Gemalto, including their staggering share of the ID market, extensive list of services and platform offerings for government and civilian use, highly efficient manufacturing and service delivery capabilities, and a high caliber reference list.

"We are honored that ABI recognized our ability to enable the next generation of secure eIDs and build the foundations for a modern, trusted, privacy-protected digital economy, leveraging our long-standing experience of the identity market and a robust track-record," states Frédéric Trojani, EVP of Government Programs at Gemalto. "The company provides technologies and services to over 80 government programs around the world and is uniquely positioned to help governments succeed in their modernization projects."

Not only does Gemalto service 44 countries and counting, it embodies an altruistic track record of perennially impacting the government ID market, in both development and deployment, as well as an active propensity for the promotion of electronic document and digital ID security for the public sector. An example of this impact can be found in the fruition of the Secure Identity Alliance, founded and run by Gemalto, along with other digital ID companies.

All over the world, assets of a sensitive nature are continuing to become digital. While Juniper recognizes that by 2017, one billion people will subscribe to mobile banking, Capgemini (News - Alert)/RBS predicts that in the current year, the amount of payment transactions administered over a mobile device will hit upwards of 28 billion. Assorted networks and databases globally hold within them lifetimes of subjectively imperative information, and in the rising tide of digital dependency, one is urged to protect themselves accordingly, and stay afloat.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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