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July 09, 2014

Parasoft Cloud Expo

Virtualization is becoming a mainstream technology for most large businesses, as it offers profound changes to the way organizations are bringing software to the market. It offers reduced costs, easier backups, better testing and easier migration to cloud computing.

With virtualization, anyone can access source code and modify it. As more organizations digitize their environments, the push for efficient testing will only continue to grow. This is where Parasoft (News - Alert) comes in.

Organizations can fully reap the benefits from virtualization by driving down capital costs through application fluency. Service Virtualization specifically addresses the challenges of app developing and testing, and is better aligned to meet the needs of the modern enterprise that expects high quality applications to be delivered on time and on budget.

Because service virtualization allows developers to make changes and upgrades to applications and services without disrupting access to end-users, it makes moving to cloud computing services or scaling up or down in a short amount of time possible. It also means that developers can focus on the service logic and functionality rather than the communication mechanisms when it comes to creating new services.

With products that deal with development testing, cloud app testing, and service virtualization, Parasofthelp organizations do just that.

Hear about what the company’s products can do and more about cloud testing from this year’s Cloud Expo showroom floor:


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