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July 09, 2014

Private or Public Cloud? Open Data Centers Talks Cloud Options

When it comes to cloud management which is better-private or public?

There’s a lot of tech-talk when exploring the benefits of the private cloud. Simply put, with a private cloud IT departments own and control the cloud, doing away with the need for third party providers managing the infrastructure. It also allows businesses to deliver in-house solutions rapidly to users through a browser interface, which can be simple and cost effective.

For businesses, public cloud services may be free or offered on a pay-per-usage model. Benefits of public cloud networks include easy and inexpensive setup, scalability, and no wasted resources because you pay for only what you use. Prime examples of public cloud offerings include Amazon AWS, Google Apps, (News - Alert), Microsoft BPOS, and Microsoft Office 365.

As far as industries go, the private cloud is an ideal choice for companies that require industry-regulated secure hosting solutions to protect sensitive information- like healthcare providers, legal firms or insurance companies.

While the benefits of private clouds can be compelling for certain use cases, sometimes organizations require a combination of these benefits along with the advantages of public cloud. In such circumstances, a hybrid cloud may prove to be the better choice.

New Jersey-based Open Data Centers provides an ideal location for carrier POPs, a low-latency alternative for colocation of financial services applications, or a high-quality, inexpensive facility for the location of cloud services.

Where does the company stand on private versus public versus hybrid cloud environments? Hear what Open Data Centers’ CEO Erik Levitt had to say at this year’s Cloud Expo on this topic:


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