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July 07, 2014

Google Blocks Goldman Sachs Email Sent in Error

A short typographical error in a single email caused the Internet to go into a frenzy last week. According to Reuters (News - Alert), a Goldman Sachs contractor intended to send an email to Goldman Sachs at its extension. Instead of reaching, however, the client reportedly reached a non-related Google (News - Alert) Mail account holder with the same name at

The information located within the email, Goldman Sachs was reported as saying, is of a confidential nature and includes "highly confidential brokerage account information." The investment banking firm has asked a U.S. judge to order Google to remove the email from the user's account, but as of Wednesday, the best Google would do is block the email as per Goldman Sachs' request, stated company spokeswoman Andrea Raphael.

"Google complied with our request that it block access to the email," Raphael said. "It has also notified us that the email account had not been accessed from the time the email was sent to the time Google blocked access. No client information has been breached."

Goldman Sachs stated that its contractor was testing changes to the bank's internal processes as they relate to Financial Industry Regulatory Authority reporting requirements. Google reportedly will not delete the email in question without a court order, but no information has since come to light that any court has ordered Google to permanently remove the infringing document.

Last month, Goldman Sachs conducted PLATFORM - The Goldman Sachs Enterprise Cloud Conference and brought together executives and venture capitalists to explore the possibilities of cloud computing.

In attendance were Acquia, the digital business company, as well as executives from Egnyte, AtTask, Blue Jeans, DocuSign, and Panzura, who discussed cloud collaboration technology with a participating audience. The executives took questions from interested members in attendance.

The one-day event featured panel discussions, speakers, and a reception for all involved. This year's topics of interest included big data, software-defined networking, semiconductors, and cloud infrastructure and software.

Edited by Adam Brandt

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