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June 27, 2014

RingCentral Partners with The Littleton Group

RingCentral (News - Alert) Inc., a cloud phone systems provider, announced this week that it will partner with The Littleton Group, an insurance claims company, to help improve Littleton's communications capabilities.

Littleton is reportedly coming off a relationship with a phone provider that used a ticket-based system to honor system change requests. As a result, the provider would frequently mishandle Littleton's requests, and that would result in downtime for the insurance company's phone systems. RingCentral's new system helps alleviate such periods of downtime with more advanced procedures for handling system changes.

James Grayson, director of information technology at Littleton, commented on the impact the new system has had on his company and on his personal working life.

“Communication is key at our company, and RingCentral helped us with that,” Grayson said. “Since we started using RingCentral I’ve freed up at least 15 hours per week to work on other projects. It’s a whole different world.”

RingCentral acts as a complete business workstation that facilitates phone calls, collaborative audio and video meetings, provides employee communication capabilities through texting, handles voicemail, and controls call management features such as forwarding and screening.

Littleton has a total of 24 locations throughout Texas, and it transferred all its locations at once to RingCentral. Not only is the new system more stable and therefore able to provide increased periods of uptime, employees are reportedly finding themselves able to process claims more efficiently with the use of recording options and the RingCentral Mobile App.

The RingCentral system allows employees to search for recorded calls within their database, and that helps them better respond to customer needs. The mobile app places customization into the hands of employees and lets them complete their personal call-answering preferences without having to call third-party technical support.

The RingCentral Mobile App webpage says employees can use the app to make and receive calls, complete faxes and texts, participate in conference calls, and configure phone system settings. It allows employees to utilize one identity for all the above tasks, so there is no need to remember multiple logins for different tasks on the same system. In addition to allowing for call settings, changes and conference participation, the app can also show employees their colleagues' phone presence statuses regardless of the device each colleague is using. It is available for iOS, Android (News - Alert), and BlackBerry devices.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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