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June 26, 2014

SecurityDo Unveils Fluency, Partners with Lumenate

A recent study revealed that 52 percent of businesses are defenseless against a cyberattack. Sophisticated attack vectors are placing a greater challenge for companies to manage security concerns.

SecurityDo is a software studio that specializes in large-data, high-availability security solutions. The company recently launched Fluency, its first and only Breach Information Event Management solution that substantially reduces the time, cost and complexity of responding to cyberattacks. The solution is made available exclusively through Dallas-based consultancy, Lumenate.

Fluency provides scalability, speed and granularity for rapidly responding and recovering from cyberthreats in a more complete and effective manner. It fully integrates well with a customer’s existing security infrastructure and data analytics, however, at its core, it is aimed at leveraging the diverse detection mechanisms available to the customer. Fluency is built using patent pending concepts, modern development technology, web-based interfaces and recent technological innovations.

Now with Fluency, companies can have a scalable solution for securing that does not increase the amount of time and people as infrastructure and data loads grow.

Co-founder and CEO, Chris Jordan, said, “Being secure is consistently becoming more complex. With new threats come more tools, data, and interfaces that need to be included with a growing list of procedures. This complexity increases the time it takes to respond, leaving many organizations paralyzed from performing any response.”

Fluency’s searchable datastore infrastructure is designed to provide visibility in seconds. It allows operations to focus on responding to events instead of looking across multiple applications for information. By having security alerts, raw events, flow data, and results from validation engines – all in one place, Fluency drives stronger identification of key events and faster time to resolution.

“The result is that Fluency changes the focus of security away from statistics and into actions,” Jordan added.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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