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June 26, 2014

Xand Chooses Radware's Attack Mitigation System to Protect Cloud Services

Xand is the biggest provider of ultra-flexible cloud, collocation, disaster recovery and managed services in the northeastern United States, and has recently selected Radware's DefensePro security solution to protect their cloud and collocation infrastructure from DDoS attacks, among other threats. Radware (News - Alert) is a trusted service provider for application delivery and security solutions for both virtual and cloud-based data centers, all of which are supported by Radware's Attack Mitigation System (AMS).

Radware's advanced AMS solution is multi-layered, and provides a way to combine detection and mitigation technology that protects against DDoS attacks, which are constantly growing more complex and effective. In fact, the AMS protection is able to identify where the attacks are coming from, which allows it to report on the breach and provide accurate information in real-time while simultaneously keeping legitimate network traffic on track. Combined with Xand's around-the-clock monitoring systems, these services offer superior protection.

“Leveraging the power of Radware components and the Xand 24x7 Network Operations Center, our customers will not only stay in service during a DDoS attack, but will also receive comprehensive monitoring, alerting and reporting to expose attackers and their methods,” said Paul Mazzucco, Xand's Chief Security Officer. “We custom designed our DDoS mitigation architecture from the ground up, allowing Xand to craft protection frameworks for all aspects of mission-critical hosted systems – compute, storage, network and more.”

Xand's customers include hospitals, universities, retail organizations and financial services firms, all of which could potentially be crippled by a successful DDoS attack that shuts down legitimate user access, as every single moment of downtime has a massive associated cost. Through Radware's AMS, these customers can keep their services running in the face of even the strongest network attacks, while keeping the information in the cloud safe and rooting out their attackers.

Edited by Allison Sansone

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