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June 25, 2014

Arbor Networks' On-Premise DDoS Protection Gets Top Mark from Infonetics Research

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks pose one of the most dangerous forms of cyber threats to organizations as well as the Internet as a whole. Depending on the size of the attack, it is possible to disrupt the Internet infrastructure and affect tens of millions of websites. It is therefore essential for businesses with a considerable digital presence to ensure they have the proper DDoS mitigation solution in place in order to ensure they will be up and running as soon as possible if their system is compromised. While many can claim to be the best provider, a new Infonetics Research (News - Alert) has identified Arbor Networks as the global leader in on-premise DDoS protection.

The Arbor Network solution uses a hybrid defense combining on-premise and cloud-based protection, which has led Infonetics to identify the company as the top supplier in the carrier, enterprise, mobile and government market segments.

According to the DDoS Prevention Appliance Market Outlook report, the threat environment has changed in 2014 with new varieties of very high-volume attacks using DNS and NTP amplification attacks, which are challenging the mitigation capabilities security companies are providing.

"Arbor is ahead of the trend, first by connecting cloud-based services to their Pravail product, and now with the availability of Arbor Cloud, their hybrid solution," said Jeff Wilson, principal analyst with Infonetics Research.

In the past DDoS attacks were designed to overwhelm the network of its intended target with high volume, but today the attacks target not just the connection bandwidth but also multiple devices that are part of the existing security infrastructure including firewall/IPS devices, and applications business relies on, like HTTP, HTTPS, VoIP, DNS and SMTP. The new methods are designed to evade traditional perimeter defenses by using low volume, and applying a combination of cloud-based protection for high-volume attacks along with an on-premise protection against application and infrastructure attacks ensures complete protection.

The Arbor CloudSM DDoS Protection delivers a single solution that helps protect enterprises against a wide spectrum of DDoS attacks, including volumetric, application-layer, state-exhaustion, blended and multi-vector DDoS attacks with integrated mitigation from the premise to the cloud.

"DDoS continues to be a very resilient attack vector. Two years ago, financial services firms were dealing with sophisticated blended threats that combined application and volumetric attacks in a single, sustained campaign. This year, we are seeing a dramatic spike in very high volume attacks that take advantage of DNS and NTP amplification. Next year, we’re likely to see something new again. What won’t change is the need for detection and mitigation capabilities on-premise, and in the cloud," said Arbor Networks (News - Alert) President Matthew Moynahan. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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