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June 20, 2014

Votiro Unveils New Version of its Secure Data Sanitization Solution

As information has become more accessible and data more transparent moving freely between corporate networks, mobile devices, and the cloud, the rates of cyber crimes and threats are also seeing a high growth rate. Practically, all information about personal and business life is put on sale, disruption is caused and actual data loss occurs when the attack gets severe. To face this challenge, companies are adopting possible defence controls.

Votiro, formerly MobileTick, is a company that specializes in data protection solutions that can secure networks and IT infrastructures from cyberterror and threats.

The company recently unveiled  new version of its Secure Data Sanitization solution in which it has extended the usability of its free, cloud-based, sanitization service to include protection against spear phishing and other email-based attacks.

"Statistics consistently show that nearly all cyberattacks begin with a spear phishing email that appears to be innocent, although its contents are tainted with a hidden exploit or similar advanced cyber-threats," Itay Glick, founder and chief executive officer of Votiro said in a statement.

"Our mission is to position our customers with a security posture that automatically identifies and eliminates the growing range of unknown and ongoing cybersecurity threats. By extending our free service, we are allowing enterprises and organizations to sample the strengths and benefits of our new spear phishing protection capabilities that are being incorporated into our overall solution," Glick added.

Votiro Secure Data Sanitization solution provides a robust process and patent-pending technology for cleansing all incoming files from potential cyber-threats. This sanitization service is part of Votiro's overall Secure Data Sanitization solutions. Votiro's Secure Data Sanitization solution automatically performs the sanitization process as the free, cloud-based service on all incoming email contents. This comprehensive process does not affect the usability of a file and can be seamlessly integrated into an organization's IT infrastructure. Specifically, it eliminates cyberthreats before they have the opportunity to penetrate an organization's network and attack critical IT infrastructure and extract sensitive data.

The new version of Votiro's sanitization service includes protection against spear phishing and other email-based attacks. This new version allows users to forward questionable emails to the service and runs the same scanning and active process on email attachments. By providing this immediate protection, this upgrade improves the usability of the service.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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