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June 13, 2014

Tesora's Open-source DVE to Simplify Data Management

Tesora, one of more than 1,200 companies that have joined the OpenStack Foundation, is developing the first enterprise-class, scalable Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) platform – Trove-for OpenStack. Its commitment to open-source once again came to the forefront when it decided to open source its database virtualization engine (DVE).

“We've learned over the past couple of years that developers much prefer open source technology and we are excited to be able to release the code," said Ken Rugg, CEO and founder of Tesora.

Tesora hopes to simplify data management with DVE as it can support workloads that exceed the capabilities of a single database server, by allowing several MySQL servers to operate as one. The open sourcing of Tesora's DVE has allowed the provider to strengthen its ties with partners in the MySQL community. And, according to Rugg, this is the right strategy to foster innovation in the MySQL community, around OpenStack and Trove.

The provider’s DVE version 1.6 will now be available as a downloadable Community and Enterprise edition that will offer 24/7 support, a Web-based user interface and installable packaging for Ubuntu, Linux and Red Hat (News - Alert).

Percona, the oldest and largest independent MySQL support and software development provider, was impressed with Tesora’s DVE scalability.

“In our recent testing of the product, complex transactions spanning multiple nodes scaled better than linear and simple reads. Writes scaled even better,” said Peter Zaitsev, CEO and co-founder of Percona (News - Alert).

There are many benefits of open source software. As a large number of users can access and change the code, bugs are noticed more quickly and then fixed. Open source applications can be customized to suit each one’s skills, and as there is no vendor lock-in, it can easily adapt to existing and third-party software. Hence, any organization can take advantage of the DVE’s scale-out technology simply by downloading the code and trying it themselves.

Tesora's DVE was shown to provide an 80-fold capacity increase in performance of mobile applications and a dramatic reduction in costs. Open-sourcing DVE will hopefully have greater positive implications.


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