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May 19, 2014

ARGUS Family is Now Part of IAI's Physical Security Products

ARGUS is an easy to use, portable, scalable, and self-localizing Radio Frequency (RF) -based perimeter intrusion detection system. This latest technology, which is perfect for indoor/outdoor or mobile/fixed security applications as well as for asset protection, was recently rolled out by Intelligent Automation, Inc (IAI).

ARGUS comes with a user-friendly graphical interface to manage and configure the deployed security perimeter. Also, this system includes networked wireless sensors that form a protective, invisible trip wire for boosted situational awareness.

This system can work like a force multiplier to help remove the need for additional security personnel to cover large areas. This system comes with additional accessories such as integrated visual and infrared cameras as well as standalone Pan Zoom Tilt (PZT) cameras, custom ruggedized enclosures, solar recharging units, and high endurance external batteries.

In addition, ARGUS can be placed along with present commercial off-the-shelf surveillance systems to provide added security. In these configurations, ARGUS can be used to activate existing cameras to cut manning requirements and to minimize the number of camera installations.

"Intelligent Automation is excited to release the ARGUS security product as a direct result of our Department of Defense and Government-funded research efforts," said Dr. Vikram Manikonda, CEO of IAI.

Manikonda said that ARGUS products address a critical market need and offer their customers unparalleled protection and unprecedented savings in manpower and resources.

ARGUS comes accompanied with ARGUSview, a setup and monitoring software utility, that helps operators to remotely receive real-time intrusion alerts, including information such as the location of the activated node and verification multimedia such as photographs or video.

Intelligent Automation, Inc is currently offering ARGUS products for military applications and future product announcements include ARGUS variants for aviation security, industrial monitoring, and law enforcement. 

IAI specializes in providing advanced technology solutions and R&D services to federal agencies and corporations throughout the United States. 


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